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Name: Kitsama

Nickname: Ama

Height: 4'9"


Build: Short and curvy

Eye color: Lavender

Hair color: Lavender

Hair style: Wavy, thick hair cut to her ears.

Clan: Oru


Kitsama is from a long line of geniuses who are nationaly known in the politacal arena.

Because of her parents busy lives Kitsama praticly raised her two younger sisters, who call her Sama.

Proudly, Kitsama watched her sisters grow up and fallow in their parents footsteps and make names for themselves in polatics.

However after spending many years as an aid ( more like a babysitter) to an ambassador and never getting the promotions needed to become an ambassador herself, Kitsama grows frustrated and thinks being a Futo for a few years would give her a much needed fresh out look on life.

Besides, the chance to see many different worlds is a wonderful opportunity.

Ptera's unpradictable, and sometimes wild, aproche to life anoys and confuses Kitsama to no end.


Strong-willed, a workaholic, and terrably serious.

Kitsama enjoys set rutenes and parctising traditions.

Not close to her parents she keeps tabs on them by reading the newspaper.

She adores her sisters and talks to them almost every night.

Her secret pation is working on 10,000 peiced puzzles, she loves just about anything that recoures tedies attention to details.



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