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Life On Mars Characters

By: E.J. Works


Name: Quin Sharp

Age: 18- Hight:?- Weight:?- Hair color: Blond- Eye color: Blue


Story info-

Role: Star, the young adventure who's out to save Mars.

During the story: Quin wants to use the Mecha suits invented by Jaquest's father to protect Mars, and gain himself a reputation as a hero. But he has a lot to learn about piloting in a real battle

Quin eventually becomes the super hero of Mars and for the first time he's reading the newspapers, he's scimming them to see if there's any articals about his missions.

The Mecha's existance is no long a seacret, however their location and creator is and has to keep it that way.

Quin has always thought it was ruft being the only boy in a family of five children, but now it's gotten really hard.

Fayza has just made detective and she's trying to find the mystery pilots so she can bust them. One

Samantha wants his full attention day and night so she can groom him into the pefect busness man.

Amina keeps trying to put together family dinners as an attempt to have them functioning as normle people. But Quin keeps making excuses to leave when he has a job and feels bad for ruining her dinner.

And than there's his younger sister hipor, with an over active imagnation, and some times just plain crazy, Kitty. She's alway snooping around and wanting him to play with her.

How is a guy suppose to protect a planit, please his family, and get a good picture of hisself in the paper, without any one finding out?

History prior to the story: Quin comes from a wealthy family who made their fortune on earth, his father sold the materual that was used to build space crafts and varies tools that made Mars livable. Mr. Sharp eventually decided to move to Mars and made contracts to build hospitals and schools there.

At one of the hospitals he met Meranda who he married and they had five children.

Quin is the only son and destined to inherit the malti-million busness his father built. However Quin thinks all that paperwork stuff is boring and wants to do something else that will leave his name in the history books, besides just being his father's son.

During the war Quin dreamed about being a Freedom Fighter and kept tabs on every battle, but his father would not let him go inlist, Quin was too young according to Mr. Sharp.

During a raid by the French soldiers his father was killed and his mother took him and Kitty into hiding.

After a while Mrs. Sharp left her two youngest children with a close family friend while she went and took care of the wounded FF.

The family friend was Dr. Arimus, a scientce working in the field of Mecha suits. Quin become best friends with Dr. Arimus's son, Jacquest.

Quin's wild imaganation and curosity led to him sneeking into Dr. Arimus's lab where he saw for the first time a real life mecha.

For the longest time it was Quin's secret plessure to sneek into the lab and play in the suit, but the trouble with secrets, as Quin saw it, was you didn't have someone to enjoy them with. So he would con Jacquest to join him.


Likes and dislikes-

Favorite food: Anything with a zing to it.

Most hated food: bland food.

Favorite color:Red

Any color(s) he doesn't like: Beige and black

Hobbies:colecting war momentoes.

Goals/Dreams: To be a hero and have his name in the history books

What he dislike most about himself: He addmits that he has a huge ego.

What he likes most about himself: His devotion to friends, he may get them into trouble from time to time but they can always count on him to get them out.

Biggest fear: Disapointing his father.

What he preseives to be his biggiest weak point: His ego...

Character trait he likes most in others and wish he had: Pationts.



Name: Jacquest Arimus

Age:18- Hight:?- Weight:?- Hair color:Black- Eye color:Black


Story info-

Role: Supporting hero; He's Quin's best friend and side kick, sometimes against his will.

During the story: When a small suply ship is attacked by pirates Quin wants to use the MS to resque it, but Jacquest refuses to let him. When the ship is blown up and everybody on board die he is filled with guilt.

A couple of weeks later another ship is being attacked, this time it's Jacquests who sujests that Quin go resque it.

But Quin has never actually flown the suit before and after a while starts having a hard time, so Jacquest hops into the second MS and gives Quin instructions as to how to best use his suit.

Jacquest trains Quin how to use the suit so that Quin is soon even a better pilot than most soldiers.

Breif History: Quin and Kitty turned his life upside down when they came to live with him. They were both hyper children with over active imaganations. At first Jacquest did not want to have anything to do with Quin and his sister.

However when Fayza came to visit, just to see how Quin and Kitty were doing, Jacquest develped his first crush. Jacquest decided to be buddies with Quin.

Eventualy Jacquest came to really like Quin and his friendship, even if the other boy did get him into a lot of trouble.

Jacquest's father was a scientis who was working on the portotype MS for the FF to use during the war. Jacquest was the test pilot and his fathers aprentis.

When his father and his partner left on a busness trip, Jaquest was put incharge of keeping the suits safe. During the trip his father was killed and his partner went missing.

Jacquest would no longer let Quin go play with the suits.


Likes and dislikes-

Favorite food: Doesn't have any, he'll eat almost anything.

Most hated food:Broccily

Favorite color: If asked he's never thought about it, but he really likes white.

Any color(s) he doesn't like: Brown

Hobbies: Puppets, he use to put on puppet shows for Kitty and he now collects them.

Worst nightmare: That any one besides Kitty and Quin know about the puppets.

Goals/Dreams: He wants to be just like his father. A scientist who wasn't afread to stand up for what he beleived in despite the danger.

What he dislikes most about himself: Second guessing himself.

What he likes most about himself:His ability to stay calm threw almost any situation.

Biggest fear:Being a cowered; Jacquest likes thinking things threw and is some times called by others a cowered, he worries that it's true.

What he preseive to be his biggiest weak point: Self daught.

Character trait he likes most in others and wish he had: the ability to just relax and have fun on his own.

=================== Coming attractions ===================

Kitty Sharp

Role: Quin's kid sister. She keeps almost finding out Quins secret by exadent.

Fayza Sharp

Role: Quin's older sister. She's part of the PU (Mars Police) She doesn't trust the mysteries MS pilotes so she's out to find out who they are.

Amina Sharp

Role: Quin's older sister. She struggles to hold the family together.

Samantha Sharp

Role: Quin's oldest sister. She's currently running their father's busness and is trying to groom Quin into a younger virstion of their father. But Quin keep giving her the slip.

Mrs. Meranda Sharp

Role: Quin's mother. She has a big heart and is always so busy trying to heal the sick and help everybody else that she doesn't know what's going on under her own roof.

Marc Bleauvelt

Role: Is a pilot who was on the shuttle rescued by Quin. He finds Quin and helps Jacquest with maintaning the Mechas.

Aaron Bleauvelt

Role: Marc's younger brother. He too was rescued by Quin and Jacquest, however he is treited more like an airen boy. Since Kitty has a huge crush on him, Aaron is sometimes used as a distraction.

Jedrick Levington

Role: Amina's boyfriend and Fayza's Partner. He gets along with all of the Sharps and when Quin finds out he was a Freedom Fighter he becomes his role modle.


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