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Birth name: Fawn Esca

Assumed name: Lady Bruro


Height: 5'5"

Build: Willowy

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Yellow blond

Hair style: Pulled back in a midevil hair braid that Falls all the way to her ankles.

Clan: Chito


Daughter of the grand Duke of Esca (the second largest city in the planet Zar's kingdom), Fawn was raised mostly by her uncle's (the king) counclers and other wise men. She was raised to be a Lady of the court.

When she met Bruro, a Shikan captian who was sent as an ambessador to Zar, she fell in love with him.

After three years of knowing each other and debating over what was best for each of their home planets Bruro asked for her hand in marrage.

As was the costume when a Shikan married someone from another culter, Fawn vowed to learn and become faithful to the Rishikan way of life and, by marriage, be a Rishikan herself.

She moved to Rishika and became a member of the Chito clan. When war broke out between Rishika and Nimph she followed Bruro into combat.

As peace time started again Bruro went on an ambasador mission and left Fawn to plan their wedding.

During what was suppose to be a short and easy trip Bruro met with a fateful "accident" that killed him.

When word reached Fawn, she was shocked and distruaght.

After she had a few days to gather some facts to gather and realize that what happend was real and not a horrable night mare she made two vows.

The first was in public, that she would make her fiance's dreams her goal. That she herself would become a member of the high council, and she would do it in his name. From that point on she became Lady Bruro.

She had spoken to her mother about it before making the speach. The dutches did n't want Fawn to throw her whole identity away, so she tagged on Lady to show her heritage.

The second vow was made in private, over the grave of her the late Bruro. She swore to find the truth of his death and to render justice to those responsible, believing his death was by foul murder.

Lady Bruro became a Futo when someone she believed to know of the plot against her Bruro started his journey.

Finding only a few peaces of the puzzle from that experience she also finds being a Futo gives her the chances she needs to walk the halls of the lower council to find even more clues, and so continues as a Futo for a second time.

At this point in the story, she is assigned to watch Valov.

Lady Bruro does not like Valov, something about him anoyed her to start with, but when she sees him kill a young boy in a street fight she lothes him and keeps making reports that he should be brought back to Rishika before his actions reflects badly on them and the tradition of the Sige.

But, much to her dismay someone back on Rishika are pulling strings to keep Valov out of trouble.

Attacks: Lady Bruro is trained to use the sward, spear, arrows, and guns. She is fairly good at hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Graceful, calm, and quick-witted. She believes in thinking before acting.

Since the death of Bruro she has become very melencoly.



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