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Life On Mars

By: E.J. Works


In the distant future Mars is being made livable by the Russians, however in the middle of building there is a shortage of funds.

France and many other countries have been searching for new planets in other galaxies but they have all been failers at this point.

So France buys Mars and finishes building.

When Mars is finished people from all over Earth become French citizen so that they can go to Mars to live and start a new life.

After four generations a new material is discovered on Mars. Since Earth is almost depleted of all natural resources every one wants a piece of this new stuff.

With no regard for the civilians of Mars, the French began excavations for the material.

Soon a group called "Freedom Fighters" emerge stirring the people to have a revolution and claim Mars as an independent nation.

At this time a new mecha weapon has become very popular with Earth's military and used by the French government to squash the FF (Freedom Fighters).

The FF starts fighting dirty. A black market is set up to steel Mechas from the French bases on Earth, smuggle them to Mars, and use against the French. What they can't steel they sabotage.

After five years of blood shed the FF claims the victory.

In the peace treaty between the new nation of Mars and France, Mars agrees to give back all of the French weapons that had been stolen from Earth.

This leaves Mars open to attacks from other countries and space pirates.

The Mars government is not as prepared to deal with the after math of war as they had thought. They declare marshal law till things get straightened out and appoint a group called the "Peace Corp" to over see Mars's protection. Both domestic and foreign.


AN:This isn't the best summery; I have a lot of bugs to work out concerning the time line, other places people live in space, the Mars government, and the Mechas.

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