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Chapter 1 Chapter 2


That smell, how sweet and tantalizing it was. But it wasn't really a single sent. It was a feeling of bliss that wrapped around him, oh how he wished things would just stay this way forever.

"Reality check Rocky,"


Blinking his eyes open he grogally stared up at his room mate,

"Hey man, mom says it's time to eat so lets go. Tum Tum will kill us if we make him wait any longer." Colt smirked and walked out of the room.

It took Rocky, or Samuel Douglas, a few minutes to catch his bearings. He'd been having the most wonderful dream. But now he couldn't remember what it was about. Deciding it could wait for later he walked out of his room and stomped down stairs.

"Did you have a nice nap?" Emily Salts asked and set a plait on the table.

"Yeah." He blinks up at her rather dazed, his mind still had a fog surrounding it.

"Thank you Emily," Jessica Douglas smiled as she came in to the kitchen. She breathed in deeply. "Dinner smells great!"

Rocky leaned over and whispered in to Colt's ear, "why is Emily cooking dinner?"

"It was your idea." Colt looked back at Rocky and wandered if Rock had lost his marbles.

"Mom & Dad's anniversary present." Tum Tum reminds Rocky, while dishing himself up some of the dessert on to his plait.

Rocky's mined started to clear up and he smiled, this was a great day. His baseball team had won a big championship, his new girlfriend Miyo had betten the crap out of his old rival Darren, and it was his parents 24th wedding anniversary! What a day.

"How are you filling honey?" His mom asked and hugged Rocky's shoulders.

"Fine I'm just really tired."

"Well Emily fixed you boys a great dinner, so enjoy. Your dad and I will be back later. You all behave." She smiled and kissed each of the boys on top of the head, and then she kissed Emily on the forehead as if she was one of the Douglas kids too. She waved to them and headed out of the door to the garage.

Colt hardly noted the kisses or his mom's last words and continued to tell Emily in detail how they'd won the baseball game that afternoon. "So then I hit the ball and made the winning home run!"

Tum Tum laughed, "he made the winning home flips is more like it. You should have seen him doing back flips like a gymnast all the way from third bast to home."

"Shut up spaz." Colt glared.

Emily grind and took a seat beside Rocky, "Is some one going to get Miyo?"

"She's taking a shower." Colt said and shook his head.

"Why do girls take two hour baths?" Tum Tum inquired of Emily.

Emily looked a little guilty and struggled for an answer, "Uh..." Was all she managed.

"Tum Tum, eat before you die of starvation." Colt rescued Emily and winked at her.


An hour later the severing dishes had been scraped clean, and not a crumb was left. And five very happy kids gathered around a black baby grand piano and lessoned to the beautiful music that arose from it. It seamed like it came with out warning, when Tum Tum's fingers stopped dancing across the keys.

"Tum?!" Rocky jumped up out of his spot on the couch beside Miyo and went to catch his baby brother.

He was pall, and cold to the tuch.

"What's wrong?" Miyo shouts,

Emily screamed and began to shake with fear, "Tum Tum?"

Rocky checked for breathing, no breathing. He checked for a pals, thank goodness that seamed fine. But why wasn't he breathing?!

"Call 911." He orders and tried to stay calm.

Miyo ran for the phone in the hall. Colt went after her.

"Wait!" Colt says in a hushed tone thinking quickly he adds, "I'll make the call."

Miyo nods and hands the phone over to him but he just stud there like a statue.

"What's wrong? Don't you want to help your brother?" Miyo couldn't figure out what could have gotten in to Colt, may be he was to shocked to think striate Miyo decided, so she took the phone back and started to dial, 9-1- Colt unplugged the phone, "Don't!"

"Why?!" She was mad now, this wasn't like Colt, he was friendly and loyal, and wouldn't let some thing bad happen to his brother.

"BOOOH!" Shouted the young pianist & Ninja.

Miyo ran back in to the living room.

Rocky dropped Tum in to the flour and glared hard. "That wasn't even funny." He gals.

"How could you scar us like that?!" Emily shrieked, but though she was angry relief washed over her and she began to calm down. Better a joke then him being really hurt, right?

How ever there was one person laughing, trying to hide his snicker behind one hand Colt came to Tum Tum's aid, "A Hollywood performance."

Miyo looked from Tum Tum, to Colt, then at Rocky & Emily. "That wasn't so funny." She hisses at Colt.

"Ah come on, it was just a prank. Sorry we scared you so much." Tum Tum rubbed the back of his head, which had hit the flour rather hard when Rocky dropped him.

"We'll forgive you two snakes under one condition," Rocky smirks.

"We will?" Miyo teased, and gave a look that told Rocky to make their condition really good. Rocky smiled at her.

"You have to play a duet."

Colt grownd, "noooooo."

Emily smirked, "Duet or your parents fined out!"

"We'll even tell your Grandpa." Miyo adds.

Colt winced. "All right."

"But it's your ears that will be hurting," Tum Tum chuckles and took his seat at the piano bench again. Colt sat down next to him, and they began to play Jingle bells.

Emily laughed, Rocky smiled, and Miyo nods her head in satisfaction. Colt was obviously nerves and not comfortable playing for all of them. Any one could have easily made several jokes about Colt's piano playing needing improvements but non of them did. Miyo stepped closer to the piano and leaned into it. It didn't matter that is was only June, She started singing the song in Japanese, and Emily & Rocky soon joined her in English.

Non of them would have guessed that this moment was like a dwarf version of what would happen four year later.....

Chapter 1 Chapter 2