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Name: Peto


Height: 6'1"

Build: Tall and stocky.

Eye color: Silver

Hair color: Silver

Hair style: Shaved in the back with two thin braids. The front of his hair is cut in a flat-top


Peto is the first son of Tretru, a member of the high council, and as such he is expected by everybody to fallow in his father's foot steps and become a gaurden and then a member of the council.

Peto is determined to do just that, in order to do so he has worked very hard all his life, even as a young child he practised hard so he could master all of his father's tacktics.

All through his childhood Peto also helped his mother with his five younger siblings, The youngest three (Tretre, Lageko, and Reke) all look up to him as their hero while the older two (Togo and Reko) think of him as being too bossy and in need of a vacation.

Peto enjoys teazing Togo and Reko about their girlfriends and just hanging out with his best friend Falcon.

Peto is thrilled when he is finally ready to start his journey, but his sister Tretre despretly wants to go with him, and even though he tells her no, Peto misses her before he even leaves.

One of Peto's deepest darkest secrets is that the night before departing when he thought of leaving his family and best friend behind he shed a few tears.

Peto is a big softy, but conserend people would mistake it for weakness he tries to hide it behind a guft extereor.

Once off of Rishika Peto starts up a bounty-hunting business. But not making enough money to live off of, he opens a repair shop, where he works on anything from communicators to space ships.

After a lot of hard work, he makes his own ship, called the "Star Hunter," and works entirely on tracking down famous killers with high prices on their heads. The more dangerouis the villian the better.

Skills: Piloting space crafts and a really good mechanic.

Personality: A thinker, he likes to plan everything. He has patience and lacks any real temper. Determined, always neat, allways prompt. He lives out his life trying to embrace ideals such as honor and glory. He loves a challenge and has a soft spot for ladies, especially those in distress. Animals seem to like him.



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