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Project Lunar summery

By E.J. Works

Earth has made many attempts at world peace, but none was a greater failure than "Project Lunar."

Every nation in the UN gathered up five or more families to send to live on the moon, it had been made livable just for this experiment. Each family was assigned it's own living quarters so that they would all be mixed with varying ethnics. These people were to be an example of how so many different people could get along and live in peace.

A puppet government was put in place to over see things.

However, when WWIII broke out on earth then "Project Lunar" became a disgrace and was a reminder to politions of their fickleness.

The people on the moon were abandoned by their countries and left to fend for themselves.

It was not long before the Lunar government fail apart. Lunar is made up of 15 districts, some of them formed their own form of goverment, but are full of coruption. Other districts were taken over by war lords, the who's leaders are constantly changing.

In the midst of this chaos is Shih, a young man who has survived by living the motto of "kill or be killed"

Shih usually works as a freelance mercenary. When the story starts Mr. Bay's nephew (Kim) highers him to be Bays bodyguard.

Shih does not like baby sitting a fat middle aged man, but the pay is good and if rumors are true Bay is going to be taking over more than just a few districts.

But as always something unpleasant and unexpected comes along to change the course of things. Shih's change came in the form of a little girl who can some how destroy Bay.

Bay is so afraid of the child that he gives Shih a bonus to shoot her. But when left alone with the girl Shih gives her a chance to out bid Bay and save her life.

Now Shih has to protect Claire (the kid), find her mother, (a key to the whole mess), and fight both new and old enemies who want to rip him limb from limb before putting a bullet in the back of his head.


CHARACTERS- all of the profiles are still undercunsturction.


Shih Claire Ebony Mira Mansi Koruna Lance Duton (Duton doesn't completely belong under this heading...)

Supporting Good Guys

Tibor Mora

Main Villians

Mr.Bay Kim Masiko Annika

Others- Coming...

Mrs. Andrews,


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