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Name: Ptera

Age: 18

Weight: 112 pounds

Height: 5'2"

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Ice blue

Hair style: Wavy, cut just past her shoulders and parted to the right.

Other: Ptera has a large hoop earring in her right ear.


Being the only girl out of seven children Ptera has always been the odd man...Er... girl out.

Her mother is from the merchent clan and at age nine Ptera publicly chose to go into her mother's line of work sinse her brothers were all fighters like their dad.

However at about age seventeen her family moves from one of Rishika's moons to a well known village on Rishika. There she meets Falcon and began dating him.

When he leaves for his journey Ptera decides she's willing to fallow him any where. She convinces the council to let her become a fighter, and lets them pick the Gaurden she'll fight.

Having spent most of her life being pampered and protected by her loving family Ptera sees this journey as away to prouve that she's more than a silly princess who needs to be babied. Also she aften wonders what she haves to offer Falcon in a relationship and wants to be worthy of his love.

Ptera doesn't have a clue where to start when she leaves Rishika, so she heads staight for the best shopping planets in the known galexies.

After parting for a few weeks and getting no where she hears about a place called RedMoon where a group of people called Red Dragons were being tormented by bounty hunters. Out raged by the gruseme tails she hears from the bounty hunters preforming the deeds Ptera decides something has to be done and heads for RedMoon.

On her way there Ptera remebers that Falcon had said he had lived on RedMoon for a while before going to Rishika to live with Peto's uncle. Falcon had never told her more than that about his childhood and as she heads there she makes some plans to make a few inquiers.

If she gets lucky she'll meets some one with pictures if cute chibi Falcon!


Personality: A pampered social butterfly, Ptera is often times viewed as being harmless, something that is a fatale misstake of her enemies.

She maybe all smiles and giggles but this girl didn't spend all her life around a bunch of boys without learning a few tricks.

For the most part Ptera just likes to kick back and have fun, but look out for that succor punch.

Because of her years of being sheltered and how everyone (mostly nosey neighbors) seems to think she's not a good match for Falcon than Ptera feels that she needs to show that she's not just a bubble headed girl and she's willing to take on any challenge to win Falcon's respect.

But that won't keep her from having a little fun too ^_^



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