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Name: Reko


Height: 5'9"

Build: Short and stocky.

Hair color: Gold

Hair style: Wavy, short in the back and a bit long in the front.

Eye color: Yellow


The third son of Tretru, this character needs to grow up. He acts adolescent sometimes, goofing off being his favorite hobby.

Just when he finally decides to make girls his top priority his father says he should start his journey.

For a while Reko tries to get out of it, after all Peto and Togo are bound to become Gaurdens so why should he? But Tretru does not buy into that line of logic, there's no reason why all his children should not persue in being gaurdens like all of their ancesters before them.

So Reko tries ditches reasoning (which is not his strong point anyway) and tries tricking his way out of it. Unlike Togo, Reko is not a natrual fighter (so he thinks) so he challenges one of the most legndary gaurdens he can in hopes he'll be deffeted and will have to wait another year before making another challenge.

However the guy refuses.

He challenges some one else who's great. It turns out to be a really hot chick and when Reko voices that opinion and asks her out on a date she pounds him. It was not an offical fight and it disqulafies her to fight him infront of the high council.

Next try Reko mails the challenge, but it goes to the wrong person. This gaurden shows up drunk and despite how hard he tried to loss he ends up winning. >.<;

Due to his tendencies for trouble making his father decides to send him to be with Peto for his first year. Peto highers him to work on his ship.

After finding his brother, Peto quickly puts Reko to work and tries to keep him out of as much scandle as he can.

Reko is upset that Peto makes him do all the grunge work on the "Star Hunter", but soon finds himself at home on the ship and trying to make Peto proud.



With little to no pretense Reko is as much of an open book as any person can be.

He's funny goof-ball who loves to make people laugh. He's uncomfortable around people who can't at least chuckle.

However Reko has a hot temper that, but it's on a VERY long fuse. Usually the only thing that sets it off is people messing with his family or close friend.

Have I mentioned Reko's nack for trouble?



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