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Rishika: The Journey

All elaments of this story and it's characters are copy righted to E.J. Works

A planet, known as Shika, floated delicately in space. Surrounding this planet were six other planets, with which Shika was constantly at war.

At one point in this war, Shika was invaded by it's Enemies. The king of Shika ordered his entire army to lay down their weapons and surrender, hoping that most of his people would be spared.

This was a very noble thing for the king to do, knowing that by letting the enemy in his life would be forfeit.

However, when civillions were being slautered the people rose up against their adversaries with whatever happened to be at hand.

Farmers were fighting the enemy in the streets with pitchforks, butchers' knives, and any firearms they happened to own.

Seeing that the people would not give up, the soldiers who had surrendered grabbed their weapons and leapt into battle.

By the bravery of the common Shikans, the planet was saved from conquest, the invaders swept back to their own planets.

After this, the three families that had fought the hardest in the war became the War clan, calling themselves the Chito. In the next hundred years, they went from a crude monarchy to a democracy, the leaders of the clan being voted into office by the people.

During this time of peace, a rumor was started that the Durucans, the people of the planet closest Shika, were going to renew their blood feud with Shika.

Shortly after this rumor was started, one of the greatest heroes in Shikan history, the chief head of Shika, was assassinated.

While this great man was being buried, the whole planet stopped whatever tasks they had been doing and silently mourned their great loss.

While this was happening, the dead chief's brother, Rekuto, found a green crystal, which was quickly identified as a timed bomb-crystal which had immense power.

The whole planet was destroyed by only eight of these crystals deployed in strategic positions around the planet. Only one seventh of the whole population made it to safety before the planet was destroyed.

These survivors were scattered among the stars and settled on planets which had not previously been discovered.

Rekuto, the new chief of his colony, made a vow to find the remnants of his people and move as many as possible all to one planet. His dream was to renew the Shikan way of life, but his dream was not realized until after his death.

His son gathered as many surviving Shikans as would leave their own planets and took them to his home planet.

By this time, the Shikans had intermarried with others and they brought new cultures to Rishika, the name of their new planet.

This story actually takes place long after the seatling of Rishika and focuses on a certain tradition of young warriors.

All who are born into clan Chito become fighters for their planet and are taught the art of warfare from their fathers from the time that they can cral.

When they are ready to prove that they are worthy, to be guardens of Rishika they challenge any gaurden on the planet to a fight. the battle takes place in front of the local chito council. If they beat their opponent, they become a level three fighter and can start their journey.

This journey requires them to leave Rishika, the name of the new planet, and make a living on their own. During this time they fight as many great opponents as possible. At the end of three years, they return home and tell the stories of each of their victories and losses.

This story's main focus is on the young travaliers (called Sige)

Peto- (who has already been on his journey for two years),

Vorea and Togo-(who have already been journeying one year),

and Valov, Falcon, Reko, and Ptera- (who are just starting their journeys).

Another part of the tradition is that each sige has a Futo, a person who fallows them and keeps record of what they do. The Futos send in regular reports to the Chito council, and make recumendations for the Sige to rize in rank (go from a leavel 3 fighter to a leavel 4 and so on) The sige must be a leavel 8 by the time their three years are up ot they can't be guardens.

The futos are Waque, Morack, Jade, Lady Bruro, Ciaros, and Kitsama.


AN: There's a LOT of background information that I was going to cut out, but I thought it was all rather important and couldn't breing myself to do it. So if you read it all thank you very much! ^_^

Also a speaciel thanks goes to Ryan Glazner who helped me a lot with writing the abouve and editing the character bios. I've re-written the bios since last speacking with Ryan but his influance is still in them so I had to give him credit for that.

Hope you all like what you see but the only way for me to know is if you write and tell me what you think. I can be reached at Thanks for reading!


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