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Space Queen summery

By E.J. Works

Tovah Whiler is a weapons designer who has the honor of being the head developer of the first space battle plane. She names it the "Space Queen."

The prototype is finished and being tested out by her younger brother, Hershul, when the first signs of Chaos emreges.

A tearoist group called Chaos tries to still the war ship, their exact plans are unknown.

-----AN: Truth be told I really don't have much of a plot yet. I Created Tovah and her brother to be Original characters in my Gundam W fanfics. But because I really like the characters and never got around to writing out the fic I decided to use them in an original story. But I'm having trouble getting it going.

Any sujestions would be great.

P.S. It's a action/comedy so the villions have some silly names...


CHARACTERS- Coming eventually

The good guys: Tovah Whiler (Inventor), Hershul Whiler (Test pilot), Dr. Gilbrith (assistent inventor), Donaven O'Leary(Detective), Wesly Richerds(Detective)

The Baddies: Chaos, Trouble, and Sir Wet Willy the III, Misc henchmen.


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