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Summer Studies

This story and all of it's characters are copy righted to E.J. Works

Genre: Shojo comedy


WARNING: This is my attempt at a bit of slapstick humor, it's crazy with a lot of even crazier characters.

P.S. In Japan the family name goes first and than the givin name.


SUMMERY: My name is Sanada Miyuki, I come from a fairly wealthy family, but I lived a pretty average life till I was nine.

My older sister, Shoko, is two years older than me and she was betrothed to a boy named Fujiwara Jero since they were both babies. When she's eleven boys start paying attention to her, a LOT of attention. I've always been so proud to have a sister so pretty and smart.

But my parents became consrend that she might be tempted to date other boys, so they send her to an all girls boarding shcool, I'm sent with her so that ways she won't be lonely.

Even though we're in seprate grades the teachers let us share a room and it's fun, Shoko really knows how to have a good time.

But this is all background information. You see I'm sixteen now and I've never had the chance to flirt with a guy, I don't think I would know how to. Achika has been my roommate at the dorm for three years and she's my closest friend. She's not interly a boy/man hater, she just doesn't get along with them very well, so she finds our other two roommates and their love lives anoying.

But I'm curis. When things are going well they are so happy and care free, but if something goes wrong they're the most misrable people on earth.

I wonder what the secret to love is, how do you make the relationship work so you stay happy?

This summer is Shoko's eighteenth bithday, she's going to meet Jero for the first time and they're expected to set a wedding date.

I've invited Achika to come home with me for the summer and to help me with a project.

This summer we're going to do a study on love using Shoko/Jero and other couples we meet as our subjects. Achika will see to it that we keep perfect records and make this a sciance project that we can pull out sometime in school.

Every thing is great, untill the day after Shoko's birthday party when she runs away so she can elope with some guy no one else knows.

But that's only the start of the chaos. Achika develops a crush on Jero. Jero has a secret admirer who's crazy and dangerouis. My plans to pair Achika with my childhood best friend, Yuli goes up in smoke. My older brother's girlfriend has a secret that's driving him nuts. On top of it all I have to prettend to be Shoko long enough for her to get merried.

In the midst of all this mess how am I going to find anything usueful to the ansers to my questions?


Miyuki- the star- profile coming soon.

Achika- Miyuki's best friend/She develops a crush on Jero- profile coming soon.

Shoko- Miyuki's older sister/Thinks she's in love with Kento- profile coming soon

Mayo- Miyuki's older brother/Is having romantic troubles of his own, he wants to truest his girlfriend but he knows she's hiding something.- profile coming soon

Yuli- Miyuki's childhood friend/Has always had a crush on Shoko and wants the chance to confess his feelings to her before she gets married.- profile coming soon

Jero- Shoko's betrothed/ Has gynephobia, an intense fear of women- profile coming soon

Kento- Shoko's crush/Works for the sindcit (Japanese maphia)- profile coming soon

Ray- Kento's younger brother/ Has disowned his family because of their life of crime, he comes back to see if Sazuka wants to live with him.- profile coming soon

Sazuka- Kento and Ray's little sister/Has been Jero's seacret admiror for a long time, she sends Shoko thretning letters and then makes an attempt to kill her (Miyuki pretending to be Shoko) - profile coming soon

Momigi- Mayo's girlfriend/Knowing that Mayo is rich she lies and tells him she is the sister of Yamamoto Kento.- profile coming soon

Mr. and Mrs. Sanada- Miyuki's parents/ Kind of started the whole mess by betrothing Shoko to Jero and than sending her and Miyuki to boarding school.- profile coming soon

Mrs. Fugiwara- Jero's mother/Uhh... She plays a small part...- profile coming soon

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