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We have some intrasting stories here, if you'd like to find them by searching under title you've come to the right place. It's not really organized just yet, but I plan on putting it in alphabaticul order soon.





Animal Samurai Maria Spencer Manga Mecha/kids
Battle Chronicles Y Maria Spencer TV series Sci-fi thriller/Mystery-suspence
M.S. Glitter West Wind, E.J.Works, Nell Hudnell, Scuz, & Joanie Doe Computer Animated Mini Series Scifi/comedy
Orange Dragon Joanie Doe Mini TV series Scifi/drama
Betting On Love E.J. Works Manga Comedy/Romance
Life On Mars E.J. Works TV series Scifi/Action/Adventure/Comedy
P.I. Janie E.J. Works Manga Mystery/Scifi
Project Lunar 1: The Protecter E.J. Works Manga Scifi/Action/Mystery
Rishika 1: The Journey E.J. Works TV Series Scifi/Action/Drama
Space Queen E.J. Works TV Series or Manga Scifi/Adventure/Action
Summer Studies E.J. Works TV Series or Manga Comedy/Romance