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Name: Togo


Height: 6'2"

Build: Tall and lanky.

Hair color: Gold

Hair style: Short and curly.

Eye color: Gold.

Other: A tattoo adorns his right shoulder, bearing the name "Lu-Lu".


The second son of Tretru, Togo wishes he could be a merchant or anything other than a Chito, but he continues his training to please his parents.

His best friend is his younger brother, Reko, and the two would often sneak out together and go to parties instead of staying home and watching their younger siblings.

When his father says it is time for him to go on his journey so he can become a gaurden, Togo wants to reble and say since Peto, Tretre, and Lageko eagerly wish to become gaurdens than there's no need for him to do it too.

However, Togo knows how importent it is to his father that he become a gaurden.

Unlike Peto, who had to work extra hard to learn thier fathers attacks, Togo is a natrual with good instenks.

So Togo holds back his arguments and goes.

Togo figures that if he's going to leave he might as well leave with style and challenges a an undefeted gaurden.

Reko thinks it is Togo's plan to lose without it looking that way so he can get out of the journey.

But after playing with his aponent for an hour, Togo easily takes him out. It's such a shock that the battle makes it onto the nightly news and is the talk of his town untill he leaves.

Even though Togo is a major flirt he has always had a special soft spot for his first crush, Luanna. Luanna tells him not to worry about her while he's gone and that he's free to do what he wants during his three year travels. However, Togo gets a tatto on his arm of a heart and "Lu-Lu" (his pet name for her) in the cinter.

Togo's still not thrilled with leaving his home, but he does leave five days after his fight as tradition dictates.

At first Togo decides to do as Peto and be a bounty hunter, but he ends up spending most of his time working as a bouncer at his favorite bar on Migis.

Attacks: Aside from hand-to-hand combat Togo is an exalent shot, but usually he uses a cyrcular bumarang thats edges are sharp all the way around.


Easy going, Togo enjoys hanging out and flirting with women.

If the fighting busness focused more on rescuing damsels in distress and not just shooting the life out of other people, he might enjoy it a bit more.

Decpite being cynical, Togo can usually be fond using his silver tongue trying to get out of work and convensing the barmaid to extend his tab.



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