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Trouble shooting

Paul Fox,

The middle child in the Fox family he’s shy and occasionally klutzy. He’s learned Judo from his oldest brother Peter. He doesn’t have very many friends of his own, but he hangs around his younger brother Philip and his friends. Paul is very gentlemanly, and hates it when guys smack a girl. He’ll even smack his brothers around if they hit a girl. His hobbies include wrestling, swimming, camping and playing video games. He loves horror movies, and his hero is his grandfather, a retired military man. Paul holds three things sacred; family, friends, and honesty. With the end of this summer he starts his first full year out of school, and so he works hard at a pizza shop. When he finds out that neighbor girl Emma Hui, his older brother’s friend, is trying to get her younger sister out of a gang that has taken over the neighbor hood during the summer, Paul willingly agrees to help. But then his new girl friend, Roxanne Mendez, is almost carried away cave man style by Trevor Sloan when she’s over at Paul’s house. Sooner then you can say "trouble" Paul and Trevor are bitter rivels.

Philip Fox,

Mr. Tough and Popularity has friends all over the place. (Knowing a lot of different people can come in handy when you need help.) He likes skateboards, any thing with two wheels, and go-cart racing. But his passion is defiantly baseball. His ideal is James Dean. Every John Woo movie is his favorite, and his goals in life is to live a good life, what ever that might mean. But hey he’s a 17-year-old, so he doesn’t have any real long-range plans yet! Though he wouldn’t mind being a pro-baseball player, every one says he’s the best. He plays pitcher on the local team. His best friend Victor and him are always trading baseball cards, watching baseball games, and never miss a chance to play ball, or at least practice. And he tries to get his other best friend, Onaca Montgomery, to play ball, but she’s not so good. So when they hang out together they stick to sparing, talking and playing baseball games on the computer.

When Emma Hui asks Philip’s oldest brother Peter to get her sister Ann out of a gang he’s rather skeptical. After all is the gang really hurting any one or are they just having fun? In fact Ann looks the happiest she’s ever looked, and he’s tempted to join the bike gang. But on the other hand… Ann’s also acting quite odd. And Dennis Shark, a member of the biker gang, is real pains in Philip’s neck, so Philip settles on attempting to kick Denise’s butt.

Onaca Montgomery,

The kick boxing-ballerina, oh yes. She loves the gracefulness of kick boxing and the challenge in mastering Ballet. She’s 17, best friends with a popular guy at school (Philip Fox), though most people don’t realize it but that doesn’t matter to her. She can be quite eccentric, one minute she’s talking about flying, the next she’s all about computers and speaking what seams like a totally different language. Her hope is to be an aviator, and her bedroom is covered with air plain posters, and shelves filled with air plain model kits. She looks up to Emma Hui, a neighbor girl, because Emma was her classes valedictorian and is always fun to talk to. At least Onaca thinks she’s a blast to hang around, but that’s probably because Onaca doesn’t have any older sisters. Just a little brother, Stevie, which she’s always stuck baby-sitting. So naturally when she hears about Emma’s struggle to get her little sister out of a gang Onaca eagerly tries to help. However Onaca’s mom is supper worried about the drastic changes that have taken over the neighbor hood and have made strict rules about Both Onaca and Stevie to stay at home unless they’re at school. And only their dad or Paul are allowed to give them rides home from school, and well the list goes on. Non the less Onaca is able to talk to Paul, Philip, Emma, and camp consular Jastine who’s always a great source of comfort. So from her bedroom she plots away to take back the neighbor hood.

Stevie Montgomery,

The youngest of the story’s heroes, Stevie is 13 and starting his first year in middle school. 7th grade is hard enough with out trying to save the neighbor hood. But non the less this sly and talented young man won’t let things get him down. He’s a Karate champ at his locale dojo, and knows that the people who are of higher rank are responsible to protect and defend the honor of the rest of the Dojo, or in the case the community. So where are all the adults? This is a question that perplexes Stevie during his quest. Stevie like most boys his age; hyper, curious, fun loves, and often finds trouble when no one else can. His hobbies are pestering his older sister Onaca, sparing with his karate buds, playing computer games (his favorites being fight games) and practicing gymnastics. Stevie hopes to be an Olympic gym (and/or) Karate medallist.

Dennis Shark,

Philip’s main rivel.

Ken Kasanagi,

He’s the unruly leader of the bosozuko.

Ann Hui,

A dangerous girl who can do a lot of damage to herself, and every one she cares about all because of her stubborn, wild attitude.

Frank Gleason,

Police officer Frank is one of our hero’s few allies. While every one else tries to hide from the gang or join them, Frank doesn’t have that lesurey. And besides that he wants to help the kids get out of the gang. Ann isn’t the only one with family who is worried about her.

Emma Hui,

Roxanne Mendez,

Seige Kasanagi

Ken’s younger brother and Ann’s boy friend he’s a real trouble maker and usually is the one that gets violent.

Aaron Sanada

A member of the Bosozuko, he’s from a bad neighbor hood and broken family. His mother is dead, and his father is working too much to keep a good eye on him. And so Aaron has made friends with Ken. He’s a show off and dose any thing for attention. He drives a sports car and is usually the flag keeper.

Jastine Whitefield

Camp consular from the summer camp. She’s one of Onaca’s role models, and Philip has a huge crush on her. But if she knows any thing about Philip’s crush she doesn’t let on. Jastine only has a few scenes in the beginning, and at the end. She use to be in gang on her reservation when she was younger. Onaca remembers Jastine saying some thing about it and turns to Jastine for advise. Jastine willingly helps, when things get to intense for our heroes she even makes the 4-hour drive to lend them a hand.

Peter Fox

Paul & Philip’s older brother. He spent his summer at home with his parents but now that it’s fall he’s got to go back to college where he’s studding law. He plans on being a lawyer. He’s one of Emma’s closes friends and tries to be a comfort to her. During the summer he had tried to talk to Ann about the Bosozuko several times.


Philip’s best friend who’s a baseball freak. Normally a fun loving guy who likes to horse around, but once the bosozuko move in he changes. He’s become very paranoid because of roomers about some of the Bosozuko pounding on some of the kids from his class.

Trevor Sloan,


Mr. Kasanagi

The father of Ken & Seige. He’s a rich busnes man from Los Angeles and thought that by movie to this quite neighbor hood he could get his sons away from Bosozuko driving.


A young member of the Bosozuko she’s the one that helps to rescues Roxanne. She has a need for speed, but not drugs.