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Trouble shooting

Cast & Crew

Written by Joanie Doe. Edited by

Note: This is just my dream cast. It may not work out the way I've pland.

Produced by ??? Directed by Joanie Doe


Matthew Botuchis as Paul Fox,

Chad Power as Philip Fox,

Chelesy Earlywine as Onaca Montgomery,

J.P. Roeske as Stevie Montgomery,

Evan Bounifant as Dennis Shark,

? Ken Kasanagi

and Namie Amero as Ann Hui,



John Webber as Frank Gleason,

Caroline Junko King as Emma Hui,

? as Roxanne Mendez,

? as Seige Kasanagi

? as Aaron Sanada

Appearances by,

Crystal Lighting as Jastine Whitfield,

Sean Fox as Peter Fox,

Michael O’Lasky as Victor,

Max Slade as Trevor Sloan,

Sab Shimono as Mr. Kasanagi,

Emily as Rubby

And the musical talents of,


Sean Fox

Kate Sargeant

Mignon Derks

and Wildy

Fight and dance chorography by Nellanie Hudnel and Sam

Costume by Joanie Doe

Make up By


Four kids, (Paul Fox, Philip Fox, Onaca Montgomery and Stevie Montgomery) have been going to summer camp together for 6 years. Just a few years back Onaca and her little brother moved across the street from the Fox brothers making them even better friends then before. So now it’s fall again and they’re wrapping up their summer vacation. Paul says this will be his last vacation at the camp with them cause now he’s 19 and needs to figure out what he’s going to do with his life. Philip thinks that his brother should become a camp consular. And Onaca thinks it’s a horrible idea that Paul stop going to the camp, after all it’s a tradition and you can’t just break traditions.

Paul and Onaca take turns driving Paul’s car home, but one the way they run in to a couple of thugs that are trying to car-jack a young lady. Naturally the four come to the rescue. The lady they saved is Roxanne Mendez, a pretty Hispanic girl. Paul thinks she’s cute and sweet but is too shy to ask for her phone number. But Stevie asks for Paul, and Roxanne asks Paul to call her when he gets home. Once the kids are back on the road Paul calls Roxanne on his cellophane to "make sure she’s all right" and quickly a relationship starts to bloom.

Mean while back at home things have changed. Peter Fox, Paul & Philip’s oldest brother, is getting ready to go back to college, but Emma Hui, a friend and neighbor, has been having trouble trying to get her youngest sister out of a gang, a Bosozoku. (Japanese motorcycle gang.) Apparently a Japanese family moved in to the neighbor hood, and two of their boys are apart of a Bosozoku gang. Because one of the boys is the leader of the gang, the gang frequently comes around and has picked up new members in the neighbor hood. For the most part they’re just crazy drivers and vandals. But some times they do drugs to gather and sale them too. Emma has tride to talk to her sister Ann about what she’s doing, but Ann won’t lesson. And now that Emma knows that she’s doing drugs she’s desperate to get Ann out of the gang.