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Picture is by Sailor Scully

Name: Valov

Age: 20

Height: 6'6"

Build: Tall, extremely muscular.

Eye color: Gray

Hair color: Blue with a few white vertical streaks.

Hair style: Slightly long, falls to his shoulders. His bangs are a bit spiky, while the rest is smooth.

Other: Has a gold stud in his right ear.


Even though he is the first born son, Valov is younger than his sister Vorea by eleven minutes. Since Vorea is also their father's favorite child, Valov has always been under the impretion that she'll inherit all of their fathers land and money.

Valov practises self controll. However when they were young children Vorea would tount him about being their father's favorite and Valov would sometime loss his temper and throw her through a wall.

Valov is loyal to his family and is determined to make them proud by beating Vorea and becoming a member of the council first. The first step, of course, is to take his journey.

When Valov first starts his journey he competes in verouis compotestions, however due to his tendancies to brake the rules he's band from them.

This leads Valov to partessapate in street battles that have few rules; fight to the death and the winner gets whatever the loser had on him, anything goes.

Eventually during one of these fights he kills a rich young man, the family is outraged and puts a huge bounty on Valovs head.

Attacks: Valov's weapon of choice is stick-sward, though he's an expert at hand-to-hand fighting as well.


Strong-willed and cooly confident in his own abilities.

Valov is two-faced and will use people to get what he wants, usually with those outside his own family.



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