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Name: Vorea


Height: 5'9"

Build: Tall and curvy in all the right places.

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Black

Hair style: Bangs are shoulder-length and braided. The rest of her hair lies smoothly down her back all the way to her knees.

Other: Three red "cat-scratch" marks adorn her right cheek.


The first born in her family, she is an hour older than her twin brother, Valov, and her father's favorite. Vorea likes to (and aften does)use that to her own advantage.

Vorea will throw this favoritism in Valov's face. She is detemined to be the on the high council and inherit everything from her father.

She becomes fascinated with the story of Shika being destroyed with green crystals. When Vorea begans her journey she goes to Druca and searches for the green crystal.

During this search she meets a strange older man who knows all about the crystals and their history.

Aparently they are anciant weapons who's organs have been kept a secret for nerly a thousand years.

The man takes Vorea to one of the caves where the crystals use to be made in a hiden lab. He tells her that the production of the crystals ended a long time ago when his great-great grandfather was a young man and worked in that particular cave.

During the search in the cave, she finds only a few green crystal and learns that there are many kinds of cystals with varing abilities.

Vorea learns how to use the crystals from the strange man. When she asks why he is telling her all of these things and has gone out of his way to show her the cave, he replies that he has no hope of having children to share the secret with and she is the only person to have ever asked him about them. He then quickly left her alone.

Vorea adds to her list of ambitions to gather all of the crystals and learn each of their abilaties.

To pay for her lively hood, and so she can rise in rank, Vorea becomes a bounty hunter but finds it doesn't always pay that much.

After making the right conections Vorea gets a side job and starts making a killing as the assin known as "Reper."

Eventualy she finds out that Valov has started his journey, she becomes extremely paranoid and searches for Valov to destroy him. She believes that Valov is the only person capable of defeating her, and that he'll give it his best shot.

Attacks: She loves to fight with her crystals, so far she has collected three types of crystals: green, purple, and red.

Green: This can be dropped or be timed by Vorea. When dropped and activated, they act as a land mine, harming or killing anyone who gets within a foot of the crystal. When timed, they explode after the timer Vorea sets goes off.

Purple: Acts as a shield when used, allowing her to not be harmed by others. This degenerates the crystals, however, and the purple crystal's size makes carrying more than a few of the others a problem.

Red: Activation gives the red crystals a target. Throwing them after activation traps the target and immobilizes them (meaning they can't attack or move).

Personality: Deveouis, Vorea is cunning and knows how to get what she wants and never heisatates to go for it.

However a part of her fears her brother, Valov. Without daddy to protect her on this much larger playing feild she takes the inetionative to attack Valov before he can harm her.


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