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Name: Waque

Height: 5'6"


Build: tall, slightly chunky

Eye color: Light purple

Hair color: Dark purple

Hair style: Pony tail, no bangs.

Clan: Oru


The sixth child of seven, Waque grew up in a small village on one of Rishika's moons.

Though a member of the Oru clan Waque's father was NOT wise but very foolish and squandered all of his money on frivolous business adventures while her mother gambled and got drunk. As a little girl she watches her oldest brother get up late at night and leave to get away from the shame of their parents.

When she is only twelve Waque is forced to leave her home and three younger siblings to work off their parent's debts at a prestigious all girl college where she worked as a janitor. For years she is consumed with the feelings of betrail and loneliness and often worries over what happened to her siblings.

However living in the school proves fruitful and as she hides in the shadows Waque teaches herself how to read, write, do math, and from her observation of the students learns a thing or two about what makes people tick.

After four years she has finished paying off all the debts and became a futo when she could not think of anything else to do.

Waque has been a Futo for one other sige before she is assigned to watching Peto and then Reko.

A bookworm, she studies the philosophies of other planets in her spare time. She enjoys the traveling and thinks she'll probably always be a Futo.


Quiet, shy, slightly nerdish. Observant and a fast learner.

Fascinated with what makes people tick, she is considered by most to be the perfect futo.


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