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Name: Ciaros

Height: 5'6"


Build: Short and slightly chunky.

Eye color: Indigo

Hair color: Gray

Hair style: Short and spiky.

Skin tone: White

Other: A tattoo on the back of his right hand depicts a planet.

Species: Shikan, Unicorn, and Sheno.

Clan: Chito, Fighter level 7


The oldest brother of Ptera, it is shocking when he is dismissed from the as a gaurden

for disobeying an order.

His Wife, Reok, suggests his becoming a Futo as a chance to perhaps redeem his self.

Ciaros is a father to three children, and after the death of his father the head of his entire family. With out doing something to redeem himself he makes his whole family a disgrace, or at least the main theme of town gossip.

Fallowing Falcon, the love of his little sister, is used also as a chance to make sure Falcon is worthy.



Sturdy as a rock. Always dependable, always there for his family.

Madly in love with his wife, he misses her badly while he is following Falcon.