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Our authors,

Learn about the authors who have their work hosted here and view their stories.

Aarenstrup, Emily : One of the Authors of "M.S. Glitter."

Crimson, Rain: A new write to our ranks {coming soon}

Doe, Joanie: Several stories in the works on this site, including M.S. Glitter.

Hudnell, Nell: One of the Authors of "M.S. glitter".

Spencer, Maria: Mostly writes comics and mangas

West Wind: Head author of "M.S. glitter"

Works, E.J. : Writes several Mangas, and is also an author for "M.S. glitter"

To be added to the author list;

Send an e-mail to Anime Hopeful's Administration

Subject title: Anime Hopefuls,

Information: Your name, e-mail address, are you an artist or author, do you want your e-mail address posted on the site or not.

Then send more e-mails with samples of your works, to the same address.