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Meet Emily!

I joined the writing crew of the MS Glitter because Jo got the splendid idea to ask me :P I really do like writing scripts (even if most of my attempts have become rather cliché after about 60 pages...), but I'm not gonna let that happen to this show! Anyway, I was more than happy to join in, because hey it's fun! And you get publicity *lol*

When I finish school, I'm hoping to become an astronomer, but acting and script writing will always go first. Not that I expect to succeed, but because it's fun, fun, fun, fun!

I don't have a personal website as of now.. Though there is an "about me"-section at my lovely website 3 Ninjas Online I might make one in the future... if I have time.

Emily's works at Anime Hopeful's

M.S. Glitter: Humor, drama, romance and action!

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