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Gundam wing:Unlimited fun


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'But the very hairs of your head are all numberd. Fear ye not you are more valuble then many sparows.' Matthew 10:30&31. (I just filt like puting this up.)

So here's all the characters from the Gundam wing, or so they all will be up when the site is cumpleat.


Joanie Doe:Untill I get all the charaters up I'm being invaded by kittie look alike.
Well not really these kitties are adorible and I adopted them from Ghost of the dawn's web site. The link is at the bodtem of the page.

The Gundam Pilots/ the hotties.

Heero Yuy.

Heero's bio, profile and my thoughts on him are all up. Pics comeing soon.

Duo Maxwell

Profile&bio up, work on the rest.

Trowa Barton/ Trinton Bloom.

Just the profile, the rest is comeing soon.

Quatre R. Winner

Profile, personality, and My opinions are up, bio coming soon.

Wufei Chang!

Federation and Romifaler's polotions & slodiers

relena Peacecraft

Dorothy Catilonia

Ghost anime kitties

Alixe kittie by Ghost of the dawn.

Meirin Kittie, by Ghost of the dawn.

My thoughts,

In my opinion all the characters are neat, if not awsome. I LOVE all of the gundam boys. and no body beder say any thing bad about Dorothy, Sylvia, Hilde, Lady une or Catherine!

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