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Gundam wing:Unlimited fun
Street fight ing tag teams of duom!


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Street fight ing tag teams of duom!
*21 year old saga

Rules: Okay here's how it gows, I post the fight scadule for this compotion and list the teams fighting in each round there are 10 teams 5 matches in the fisrt 2 rounds, 5 teams in round 3 with 2 matchis, if a teams louses twice they are out of the compotion. To descide who whens you simoply write me at with your vote be sure you vote for all matches. Now when the finle round comes I'll take the names of those who voted for every match in every round, and draw their names out of a hat, (yep that's how I'll do it,) and the first peson name that I dral wins a prize. The teams are below, then the match scadule
Trowa and Hiiro,

Duo & Wufei,

Quatre & Rashid,

Triez & Lady Une (yes Treize's back from the died just for this)

Noin & Sally, (2 girls that'll kick your butt.)

Zechs & Dorothy, (two cazzy blonds)

Alix and Muller, (They've come back too)

Hilde and Relena, (If Relena starts talking you may be in truble, ack Hild get you)

Catherine & The maniger, ( If you mass with Trowa they will beat you half to death)

Irria & Sylvia, (don't underastimat this team:^)

Okay those are all the teams here's the fighting scadule up for vote.

Trowa & Hiiro VS Duo & Wufei,

Noin & Sally Vs Alix & Muller,

Treize & Lady Une VS Hilde & Relena

Cathy & Manager VS Irria & Sylvia.

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