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Gundam wing:Unlimited fun
Party hall


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Party hall
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Okay, this is the party hall thank you for coming, & welcom! this week we're have an oction for charity, I'm octioning off Heero, Duo, Aya (from WK), Zelgodest (from slayers) Cathy, Sally, Lina (from Bubble gum chrises) & Kionay (from Tenchi) you bidd your fan work on the message board, the charity of course is for my fandam page, have you notesd how empty it is? This is a very noble charity. Don't laugh! Okay when you post your bids spisify who you are bidding for, and yes you can bid for more then one guy/gall. You can chat with other party goers on the chat room or on the MS. also there is Cookies and puntch ate a table on the MS, and a jutbox for those of you who don't like Quatre and Trowa's duat, witch is the main intertament here. Saterday night those who won the guy/girl of their dreams gets to dance with them and a banner as proff they won. Oh hay the fan work dosen't have to be GW just no SM, Digimon, or Pokimom, okay? I can't stand those 3, but some DBZ is tolrable. Have fun! And the links to the chat room and Message board are below.

Joanie Doe:Lets chat all;^)

Chat room

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