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Gundam wing:Unlimited fun


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this page was last updated Jan,11,o1.

All right we have fanfics for gundam wing, 3 ninjas and my other fav animes. I also have fanart and esseys. If you have any fan work of your own please scend it to me. Thank you!!

Gundam wing stories.

A taste of your own madison

A short story where duo trise to give Dorothy a taste of her own madison, I wander who learns what? Writen by me, Joanie Doe

When is it enough?

This is a story about Hiiro, Sylvia, wufei & Sally. After Ew there's a street war (gang bagers) and Wufei &Sally are invastigating it, Hiiro desides to invastigate it too, and Sylvia being a speach writer is fined out the facks So Relena and Une will have good speaches when adresing the media, she also keeps runing in to Hiiro, Romantic Mystry. Rated Pg. Written by Me.

Joanie Doe:This very cute Sally pic is by Ghost of the dawn, link is on the link page along with 2 othe cutie kitties:^)
Sally: She is cute. Where's the other kitties?
Trowa: Well you can got to Ghosts site and see all the difernt anime kitties she's done or you can look around at the fun zone, interaction characters and bio pages to see all the difernt Gw kitties that Joanie adopted.
Duo: You must really like these cats, they're every where!
Joanie Doe: I LOVE cats and dogs, they're just so sweet!
Wufei: LIke your Rotwiler Germen shaper mix dog named Pathatic?
Duo: You named a rotty Pathatic?! There is some thing wrong about that.
Joanie Doe: HEy! First of all My brother named him sacently he is pathatic he's my baby, and you better not teast him any more Wufei or else he won't be so sweet!
Wufei: That was duo, not me.
Joanoe: Well Okay.
Sally: Don't worry I believe you Wufei.
Wufei: Thank you woman.

rules for submition

this is an anti- yaoi, anti-yuri and anti-haneti site so non of that stuff. Reframe from causing at all times, and no nodity in fanpictures. No limans but limes are okay in pg-13 storys. please remeber to rate your stories. I take gundam wing, 3 ninjas, patlabor mobil police, samuri pizza cats and you're underarst fic, simply because I like those shows and movies. If there's another anime you have fanfics for I might put them up, depends how good it is. Also Essey are exsapted here. Okay you can scend pics and stories as atachments or apart of the e-mail it dosen't matter to me. My adress is, please no flames thank you and have a nice:^)


Be sure to scend me all your fics that are clean of causing, limes, Yuri and Yaoi. My adres is