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Gundam wing:Unlimited fun
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Joanie Doe: On this page I'll include links to other Gundam wing sites. If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

Trowa: I like Desert of stars and Ghost anime kitties.
Quatre: Dark eyes! It's a very nicly done site.
Catherine: My site, by Catherine Bloom, Catheriens circuce is great!
Heero: Perfict soldier is the perfict site.
Dorothy: My fanclubs is a nice site.
Hilde: So is Femfatles a site dadicated to me and Dorothy!
Dorothy: That site is nice.
Duo:*flackesses his moucels* You know there's just so many fan sites for me it's just to hard to deside witch is my fav. *winks at the girls drulling over him, who in return scream with glea or pass out.*
Wufei: Weakleans, your egoes are to big! Gundam wing Focuse is my faverit.
Sally: I like women of gundam wing, it has things on all of us.
Noin:It's about time we got recanition!
Marimaya: I like all those site ^_^ but my faverit is Figgy's fanfic site.

Joanie Doe: When I said let me know your fave sites I ment those who come here. But thank you boys, and Girls for your valuble imput. Below are the links.

desert of stars.

This site has things on all the characters, well the mane 15 char any way. It has other stuff too.

Dark eyes banner, click to got to site.

Here's a link to a web site that's all about Quatre, the cutei pie blondy:^) needles to say I like this site, ne? *looks over at Quatre and blushes. Quatre just smiles*
Quatre: I didn't think my eyes are dark before but this site is quite nice and great lay out too.

Catherine's circus.A really cool site, by Catherine Bloom.

click on baner.

It's a really cool site I highly recomend it. And besides that Heero likes it. *looks nervisly at Heero.*

dorothy's fan club, it's really cool!

Femmfatles! a site didacted to Dorothy & Hilde :^)

Death wish a Duo-Relena shrine.

Joanie Doe:This is just one of the many site that is about Duo, it's bye Becky Marie and quite frankly I like the paring of Duo and Relena.

Relena: What? Me and...
Duo: She's crazzy, Heero you can keep her.
Heero: No, we're through.
Relena:*nodes her head* We said good bye before, we may befriends but..
Heero: For you fans who insist we're a couple watch EW.
(Joanie Doe: Of course you all know these little conversations are all done by me:^)

Gundam wing focuse.

Joanie Doe:This is an awsome site with tones and tones of cool things on it, from Magnas to EW to writing thegundam guys and galls questions. It's ran by my good friend Silver sprite AKA Aelice. I'm also a staff meber but trust me this is an aswome site and you really should visit it.

Wufei: It's good enough for me, and it dose justice to our respactive personalities.
Duo: Hey I just like the pics. *looks at his own picture gallory* Not my best hair day.*says with a thought full pout.*


These kitties are so adorible! You can get them here at Ghost's web site.

Une kitty by Ghost of the dawn, click pic to got to her site.

Women of gundam wing. Joanie: It's one of my faves! Sally: Yes, and there's good pictures of me there too.

Figgy's fanfic web site!! Joanie Doe: I love this site! Marimaya: So do I it's so mutch fun.

Forgoten romance. Suw me I like mush. Quatre: There's nothing wrong with that. Joanie: If you're the tuffis girl in your naber hood there is! Duo: Yep, your rep is rounid. Wufei: How about being a nice girl? Joanie: Well any way I like this site and it's done bye Relena Yuy, a friend of mine. it has a lot of didfernt couples on here, and it's non-yaoi.

The Gundam 5. Also a nice site, I think there's miner causing there...Well they have lots of pics and some other cool stuff.

Quatre's Cry, Trowa's Tears (QCTT) As nice looking site by a nice girl who sined my old guess book^_^

Joanie Doe: more links coming soon, eck it may take me a while to get all the links I knoe of up but go a head and let me know your site's URL and your fav site's URL, okay? My adres is