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Gundam wing:Unlimited fun
*21 year old saga


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*21 year old saga

The saga of Gundams started nerly 21 years ago in Japan with the hit TV series "Mobil suit gundam" later came the OVA "war in the pocket" and the rest is history. After that there has been nerly a hundered or more Magnas, tv series, movies, OVA's, and Deshis based on the incradeble gundam suits. My own knolage on the series is quite limated because I've only read a few articles on it and watched 2 of the tv series. I'll be serching the web and magazins for more info for you guys, soon I hope to have a full time line, and summeries for each and every one of the different series to this monster saga called mobil suit gundams.


Joanie Doe:Aparintly my history lasson in Mobil suit gundam is boaring Duo, and the others are to busy to leason. All well.