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Gundam wing:Unlimited fun
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Site stats and staff
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Jan 6,01: I'm working on adding the bios, fanart gallery and more fanfics, pluse a few other things here and there.

July 1,01: Web site log 000? Okay I'm uterly terible about updates. I've only uploded a few pics in the screen caps section.

About the web master: I'm Joanie Doe. I love Gundam wing and some other animes. "you're underarst" is my fave anime. "war in the pocket" is my apilot favorit gundam series. I've seen a few other series in the LONG Gundam saga. I'm a Christion so be prepard to see bible verses around here. And Trowa & Quatre are my favert G-boys.

Site asistont: Sailor Scully AKA Sarah, Bio coming soon.