This will be a 34 episode TV series.

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In a modern time setting, Tokyo Japan a European technical corporation is developing a weapon that utilizes the basic four eliminates, for the Japanese army.

This weapon comes as body armor. However there is problems uniting the four elemental weapons in to one suit, so four prototype suits are made. The Aqua suit, Fire suit, Bio suit and Wind suit.

Linzy Strows, a biologist and meteorologist, is one of the head designers of the bio and wind suits.

Toshiro Ido is the genie pig soldier that test pilots the prototype suits. He is also engaged to Linzy.

After a successful test of the bio suit, the other three prototypes are stolen.

Trinton Low, a Japanese Leutenit was handling the contract between Giga networks and the Japanese army immediately shows up to investigate.

Military police officer Terra (Terry) Shentaro is also given the case.

It soon appears that Linzy is the culprit. To prove her Innocents she hires privet investigator Darien Shu and his partner Kenny Kudo.

While Terra is annoyed with Darien's interfering with her case, he just doesn't like her attitude.

Suddenly there is a string of fires, Trinton & Terra soon figure out the fires have been caused by the fire suit. The new owner of the suit calls it Inferno.

Linzy is able to make a new wind suit and Toshiro uses it in aganst Chaz/Inferno.

Toshiro losses the battle, and dies. All hope is gone for the good guys.

The group reorganizes at a locale restaurant where Darian's girl friend Rashle Lee works.

Will they come up with a better strategy or get drunk trying to for get their defeat?

Eventulay a new lead comes in from an anunamce tipper. Apparently at an old warehouse on the Pacific ocean, near the USA, some peculiar weather and unexplainable fires have been accruing!

This must be the stolen wind suit and Inferno suit!

Linzy quickly makes a new Aqua suit for Terra. Trinton stays be hind to handle business while the others chase after this lead.

Terra fights the Inferno & Wind (whom the pilot of it calls storm) suits, only to get a saver pounding from Wind.

Darien & Kenny rescues an American photographer named Margo Sheridan.

After a little discussion with her they discover she is the one who called them, and the guys after her are gangsters who have a contract with the original thief of the prototypes. Apparently the thief just wants to make millions making copies of the stolen suits and selling them!

Once Darien, Kenny & Margo meet up with Terra & Linzy who are back in Tokyo getting more help from Trinton, Trinton convenes Terra to let Darien use the new fire suit. The only way to get back the suits stolen and stop the sell of the copies is to fight them head on.

So once again the group heads out to recover the stolen goods. This time they go to China town California, where copies of the Wind suit have been spotted harassing the community.

This wiled goose chase takes them all over the globe, collecting the counterfeit suits, and running into the Inferno, Storm, and Spalsh (the orignle water suit) suits

Beteen leads though a Cornle Hirioshi informs Terra that the case is being given to the new goverment recovery orginazation. And she is to be the head of it. She exsaptes the honor of course, but scapticly requests that she chous the other members of the group. She gets her wish, Darien declines her offer due to the fact he has been higher by both Gegatech & Linzy to recover the stolen weapons, it would be a conflic of intersat to work for him. Kenny how ever eagerly exsapts the offer, and even though Margo is an American she gets higherd as a trancelater.

Linzy now works with Darien on the case, Trinton says good by to the group because he is needed else where, and the rich slightly eragant nephew of Cornle Hirioshi is a sighned to the organazation. His name is Nazo and turns out to be a valuble assate.

Rashle Gose back to Korea leaving darien slightly apsent minded for a short time.

Then when the gang runs in to two new suits that use sounds as their source of power, (called Echo & screech) it becomes apparent that the once behind this whole mess has some sort of detailed plan. But what is it? The only way to really stop whatever mad schema they're up against is to catch the original thief.

But Echo has stollen the Aqua suit and emerged with it. Time to pull out the strangest suit left to our heroes, the BIO Suit. This suit takes its energy from the earth and can fight on any battle ground. Linzy is given the chance to help out the others by using the bio suit.

Terra is still uncontios unfortunately from her battle with Echo.

Where will this battle end? And what is the real plot & reason for stilling the prototypes?! Read the episode guide to fined out more.