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Meet Joanie Doe

Hello. I first found a love for writing when I was 8 years old. You might have already visited the auther "Maria Spencer" also hosted at this site. Well that was my first pen name and a lot of my older works, mostly comics/manga, where written under that name. My Real name is Joanna Works, I love my name but I also like nick names and pinnames for some reason. I am Land Mark Baptist and proud of it, and live in Washington state though I'm originaly from California.

My stories tend to be Mysteries. I love Sciencefiction and when I really got into Anime about 4 years ago I started coming up with a lot of differant story plots that are primarly Sci-fi action/mystery-suspence ment to be animated in the style of Anime. The first story like this is the epic saga "Battle Zone," which started out very small but then it begain to have a snowball effect. Most of my series are like that. They start small but then they just keep growing and growing and won't stop.

I haven't gotten a lot of these stories formated on to webpages just yet but I'm working on it.

Currently I am working on a BIG projects, "M.S. Glitter" which is an animated mini series that will be hosted right here at Anime Hopefull's! It's a lot of fun, but it's a lot of work too, because I didn't just write the senario and work on the writing team but I'm also directing it. Please pray that this project is a succes, please.

Works by Joanie Doe

Body arms
Body armor that utilizes the elements as weapons, but wait they're stollen before being completed!
Orange Dragon
Time travle adventure where knights & samuria colide in a battle in a history that was never ment to be
Six young ladies fates are all intertwined at the Sanktume - Coming soon
Battle Zone
A 30 year long Sci-fi epic that records the war and soldiers of the Moonspheres - Coming soon
Operation G-wing
Under the gize of a weather sattelight "G-wing" an army prepars to drop an attack over their enemy from space - Coming soon
Battle Ready Bishiojo Manga-ka!
A sci-fi comedy that spoofs on shojo and mecha anime! - link is page, I'm uploading it to this archive ASAP

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