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Nice to meet you,

My Name is Joanna Works. When I desided to be a writer I wanted a pin name just like Mark Twain! He was the most talked about auther in my family when I was little. But my faverite authers are Robert Auther & Stephen Kanle.

I mostly write mystery/action/adventure stories focused on kids, and that's due to the fact that most of these stories I started working on when I was between the ages 8-13 and really wanted to be a super hero. You'll also find that I name one character after myself, Janna in 3D lassers, Josie in Animel Smauaris ect. in a lot of my stories. They tened to be a lot like me only smarter and more bold. Where I am very shy.

Most of the storys archived here are old but they still have a place in my heart and I think if devaliped more they would make great mangas! A few of them like "Scouts of Valure," and "No room for trouble" are actully newer story ideas around 3 years old rathern then 8 and 10 years old. Yet "Battle Chronicles Y" is only 1 year old and ment to be an Anime Series, I'm not sure why I chose to place it here under this pin name but for some reason I felt the strong need to do so dispite that it's very differant from the others here.

If these are too childish for you then may I recomend my other pin name, "Joanie Doe" My more serious and a lot new stories are written under that pin name and I'd like for most of those stories be anime tv series and movies instead of manga.

Works by Maria Spencer;

3D lassers
My first story, about 8 year old super heros.
Future KNights
Three 12 year olds must save King Aurther usung Heavy mecha gear!
Animal Samuaris
Three American friends, and a kid sister, get their hands on Japanese mecha and fight evil Samuaris.
Space kids
A crew of pre-teens and bazaro Robots get lunched into space and battle Space Pirats
Luck Green
Not even the readers know the secret idetaty of this mysterious hero.
Scouts of Valure
Kids can do great things, but when adults refuse to take a certain club of kids seriously they take things into their own hands
No Room for trouble
Ann is just an opera preformer in Japan, till an assasin starts chasing after her causeing a chain of events...
Red rider
A super hero's comic that stars the side kick.
Battle Chronicles Y
War, Mecha, under water world, and... clones?

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