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M.S. Glitter's own web site!

M.S. Glitter studio: Read about the characters, view some of the art, and lots more!

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Send a letter to MSGlitter Mailing List After you do that the director will contact you and make you a member of the Project!

What this is all about

M.S. Glitter is the title of Anime Hopeful's very own animation project. This site is all about unpublished writers & artists who hope to break through in to animation and comics, mostly published in Japan. The purpose of this project is to give amateurs a chance to shine and no longer be amateurs. With us making this series we're opening a whole new door and outlet into the entertainment business for Anime Hopefuls. And we want you to come with us on this exsiting indavure!

There are 8 episodes to M.S. Glitter each is 18 minutes long. This job doesn't pay money, only experience and some publicity.

M.S. Glitter takes place in the future when humans are leaving earth to mien minerals & gasses from space, where to magor world powers fight for the rights of space colonization, and use huge humanoid robots in their battles called "M.S." (Mecha Suit.)

It is the story of an up in rising girl band, Star Glitter who are on their first world tour as an opening act for the ever so popular Christa Destiny & Destiny's Angles. The story focus on The Star Glitters and a failed M.S. Unit, Black Birds, who collide by accident when the Glitter's airplane is shot down over enemy territory where the Black Birds happen to be fighting a lost caused. Only Three of the eight Black Birds survive, the three living soldiers help the girls and their airplane pilot get out of danger, but later when the Black Birds have a new mission, and haven't been given any new supplies or man power, they use the Star glitter's world tour as away to sneak into enemy lines. The girls have their fun with the soldiers for using them... In the back drop of the series a war time corespondent and her camera man are seeking an interview with one of the Black Birds which would be a great news report.

M.S. Glitter has a lot of verity to it; Violence, Humor, Sap, Suspense and thrills! There is a variety of art style in it as well, and being set in the future gives latitude for wield and fun experimental peace of art from Music, Mecha and clothes designs.