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Meet Nell!

Well when I was eleven I first saw three ninjas on video and I thought that movie was so cool I couldn't just let it end there so I started to write my own to put them in real life situations and things like that and it was fun my sisters said they liked them so I kept doing making them longer and longer until writting became something I loved. my personal site is 3 Ninjas Hiya some of my older work is there hm hm I don't write like that anymore I got help in how to change my format and puncuation and stuff. Thanks Sam! ^_^

I also like to use real life experiences when I write like I'll use one my friends as a muse if I need a new character or think that something about them would be great for one of the main characters then I throw it in and see how it works. And with a personality like mine people often wonder how I could write something to make them cry but I think they already know the answer to that. ^_~.

Above picture is a 3 Ninjas fan art by Joanie Doe

Works by Nell

M.S. Glitter: This is a link to the M.S. Glitter Project web page, Nell is an auther working on this series!

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