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Orange Dragon by Joanie Doe

Starting in the year 2009, Japanese police officers Tenichi Tanaka & Sarah Wilier chase after a jewel thief who murdered the jeweler only to find them selves on a bigger chase then either of them ever imagined.

The dangerious ninja known only as Tonia has lured them in to a trap involving them in her game of cat & mouse with UN Soldier Charles Breming.

Charles Breming is an unwilling player in her weird little world, but Tenichi, Sarah and Charles have to work together to stop Tonia from manipulating the past, with the help of her time machine to create a present where her boss is head of not only Japan but all of Asia and Europe.

Tonia's orders are to travel to the past and start a war between France and Japan, a war that's costs have been carefully weighed and planed out. However Tonia has a different agenda, what is a task that doesn't have any chance of being stopped? A risk taker she sets the stage where old school friend Charles will chase her, inadvertently Tenichi & Sarah get brought along for the ride.

While Tenichi is in Japan and Charles in France during the year A.D 1510 Sarah remains in their time to locate the brains be hind the operation.

Three French Knights Alexander, Migal & Mitchell who are apart of a caravan heading for Japan become friends with Charles as he tries to stop the caravan from making their destination and fighting the Japanese.

Mean while a Samurai Clan saves the life of Tenichi when he lands in the middle of a battlefield. Being the era of civil war in Japan this Samurai Clan fight aganst the Emperor in the name of their own Lord, the Shogen. Three of the Samurai are brothers and sister Yukio, Miyuki & Masaru who are about to travail to Mongolia where they plan to fight the French would be invaders. The constant fighting with the Emperor's warriors slow them down and buys Tenichi, Sarah and Charles time to stop Tonia.

Orange Dragon has 7 episodes as fallows,

Episode 1: Tenichi

The beginning of the adventure narrated by Tenichi we learn of his past and as he struggles to remember it even as history is being rewritten. Flash backs of his past include family struggles and lost loves, but Tenichi begins to loss focus when he can't figure out which memories are real and which ones are rewrites.

Episode 2: Alexander & Maria

The march toured the battle ground continues as the step siblings Alexander & Maria narrate and flash back to their childhoods. Part of a noble family they've often struggled to keep their honor and not disgrace the family name but found friendship in each other and source of comfort. As Alexander marches to war where an uncertain future awaits him and the other Knights both he and Maria worry about each other's safety. Maria also has trouble excepting her betrothel to a Knight named Migeal. Part of her wishes he won't come back from the war, but Alexander miss understanding Maria's feelings has given his word to bring back Migeal alive or not come home himself. Alexander has also started to look out for the 'squire' Charles who has joined up with them recently.

Episode 3: Charles & Tonia

A strange fascination with the enemy is being plaid out in their flash backs to Charles and Tonia's teenage years as students of the same marshal arts master. But different choices lad them apart and Tonia became a student of a Ninja master. Mean while they fight each other in the year A.D. 1510 and Charles nearly stops her schemes. Charles must also be careful not to be obvious with his wish to stop the caravan and cause any one to think he's a traitor even as he marches with them and becomes good friends with Alexander serving as his squir.

Episode 4: Mitchell

Mitchell a common thief ponders how he got tangled up with this caravan of soldiers. Only wanting to get out of this mess and stay alive Mitchell ends up learning an impotent lesson about life and death from Charles. As they travail though one of the knights are injured and Charles makes a choice that could do more harm then good to the time line he is suppose to be saving.

Episode 5: Yukio & Masaru

Samurai brothers Yukio and Masaru are fallow warriors in serves to the Shogen. However they have very deferent experiences all their own, and opinions. But even as they fight against each other they battle along side one another to defeat the Emperor's men. But after each battle they only have the fight with France to look forward to. This is perhaps the only fight that these brothers both believe to be the right fight and are happy to be honored to take part in. Tenichi who is traviling with them is reminded of his younger siblings Izumi & Katana who fight constantly. A few brief communications with Sarah informs him that Charles has sent a French Knight to the future to be taken care of by Sarah, but she has her hands full as it is making sure that the Time bending Walkietalkies work so that she can keep tabs with Tenichi & Charles progress.

Episode 6: Sarah, Migeal & the Shadow

Migeal had been wounded during the journey to Japan because of a duel he stupidly fought, Migeal would have die if he hadn't been sent to the future to receive modern medicine. However there is a risk in trying to save his life in this way. Not only will he learn about the future world but Sarah struggles to keep from falling in love with him! She's never met any one like him in her life. Migeal though confused about this strange new place helps Sarah track down the Shadow, though he slowly losses his heart to this Jewish woman in Modern Tokyo. Sarah is also struggling to keep the two time lines strait in her memories as her memories of studding History shift to aline with the new past. This History buff is about to go insane just keeping focused on the present.

Episode 8: Miyuki & the Orange Dragon

At last the two armies have collide with each other in Mongolia! Miyuki a brave Samurai woman and now friend of Tenichi tells the story of this historical battle that should never have been and the legend of the Orange Dragon is born in the last desperate attempt by Tenichi, Charles, and Sarah to save history for all of the future.

Bad picture of Sarah, Charles, and Tenichi. Made by digitly editing five pictures from the net.


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