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Title: The perfect dream

Chapter 1

December 1998

What was that smell?! Rocky took another deep whiff and fallowed the trail. 'Emily use to say I'm a hound dog.' He thought and walked around the department story hunting down that peculiar smell. There wasn't any thing else like it in the world, he thought. He felt warm and was in a good mood, then as he turned a corner it was gone. 'Now where do I go?' He'd lost it, he took one, two, three deep breaths but he couldn't smell it any more.

"Excuse me are you lost?" A blond woman stared at Rocky oddly.

"No, I'm ahh. I'm looking for perfume for my girl friend," he lied. Just may be she could help him. He crossed his fingers behind his back. He knew he was acting strange but he just had to fined out what that smell was, he just had to!

The young woman sat down the Christmas lights she had been trying to hang up and walked away from a latter and toward Rocky, "I can show you where to fined that."

"Thank you."

"Are you looking for some thing in particular?"

"Yes. I don't know the name though. But it's some thing sweet smelling," He couldn't describe it, had he even smelt some thing or was it just his mind playing games with him?

"I'm sure we can fined it." The lady was very confident and reassuring.

"Thank you, 'Bet,'" Rocky said as he read her name tag.

"That's what I'm here for!" She flashed a smile so bright Rocky thought her name should be Sunny.

"What kind of girl is she?"

"What?" Rocky asked lamely.

"You're girlfriend, what kind of perfumes dose she like?"

In truth Marrisa Jordan, his courant lady, didn't like perfume. Andrea, the one before Marrisa, was allergic to perfumes but wouldn't complain about his cologne or the women in malls who would spray them selves with whole bottles causing Andrea to have an asthma attack when the perfumed endow women walked past. A real sweet, and understanding girl Andrea was.

Finely Rocky decided to use his mother's choice of perfumes, after all the smell reminds him of his younger years. May be it was some thing his mother use to wear. It was strange, when he first smelt it he'd had a flash back to when him and Emily, or some one, snuggling up togather in the sunshine out doors. It was so very plasent.

"I can't remember the brand name, but it's...Like vanilla...And fruit."

"Uhmmm" She scrunched her face together as she thought, but still she reminded him of some sort of angel of mercy. "...Well most of the fruit perfumes are for little girls, 12 to 9 year olds, but there is some nice vanilla fragrances-" she marched on over to a corner of the perfume stand with determination, she'd made Rocky's mission her own. Rocky smiled usually he had a hard time finding good help at Sears, but Bet was proving to be really helpful.

"Try this!"She waved him over and he came to sniff at the fumes that she spread in to the air from a little bottle. Honestly the bottle was prettier then the smell. It was some thing odd, and the vanilla could barely be identified as part of the concoction.

Rocky shook his head no. He must have made a face unctuously too, cause she winced, "Sorry. Not many people really like it but some how our sells clerks can get ladies to walk out of here with a bottle."

"Talented." Rocky says sarcastically, then chides himself for being rude. 'You sound like Colt.' He thought with an in word shudder. Colt was one of his best friends, but he'd prefer not to act like him.

"Shameful!" Bet says, "We're suppose to help people get what they really want," She made a nasty look at the bottle of perfume before setting it down, "not send them home with this over priced gunk." She smiled wide when Rocky laughed. "Scents you're nose is so good lets try some thing else." She step on over to a miniature glass shelf and looked at labels for a while.

Rocky looked around him, the jewelry & women's clothing was on either side of the perfume counter, which was really a small square made of glass shelves and thin marble counter on top.

Bet popped her blond head back up and spread the air again with a soft mist of smelly water. This time it had a strawberry sent with a little bet of vanilla to it. It reminded Rocky of Emily, of when he'd get a whiff of her clean hair that had been washed in strawberry scented shampoo. She use to love it. Rocky's heart rentched, why had he thought of her again? That was the third time just to day.

"Not it?" Bet's happy smile was replaced with a look of concern. It was a perfectly good smelling perfume, or so she thought. What could be wrong that would make this young man so sad all of the sodden?

"It's nice," he wasn't convincing so he added, "really it is."

Bet looked him up and down. Rocky wished she would shrug it off, but to his surprise she wasn't the kind of person who shrugged problems away. "If there's any thing wrong sir please let me know I'm only glad to help." Rocky smiled at her, she really was an angel of mercy he was certain now. So he patted her shoulder, "Thank you, but I was just reminded of some one I lost."

"OH! I'm so sorry." She polled at some thing from her pants pocket until it came out, it was a pack of tissues, she handed it to Rocky, "I'm really sorry. Should we go on with our search or will you like a moment?" Her voice was tender, but more impotently she was sincere.

For the first time Rocky noticed her bright green eyes that looked like the waters at the beach. Those beautiful waves that where wild and beaten by the wind, that looked green when the sun shined brightly on them at just the right angle.

"Thank you." Rocky took the bottle she had in her hand, "I'd like to buy this." She nods slowly and went back to the cash register.

Rocky made his perches, and unlike most sells people her smile was meek & humble when he paid in cash. Though some one else had come up be hind him, she still made time to wave & say, "have a nice day, and come back again."

Rocky ran to his car and threw the small bag that held his reseat and perfume onto the passenger seat of his Camery, then he ran back to where the latter & lights where.

She'd been so kind, he was going to pay her back in the only way he knew how. Bet still hadn't gotten them up yet, in fact she was still over at the cash register taking care of the other costumer.

Quickly he hung the lights up for her, and hoped it was neat and looked the way the gentle young woman would have like them to look.


"Hi mom." Rocky said when his mother opened the house door.

"Rocky!" His mother hugged him and held him close to her for a moment Rocky hugged her back. "We weren't expecting you until Christmas eve, is some thing wrong hun?" Rocky kissed the top of her head, because he was toller then her and could do that now with out getting on his tiptoes. But mostly he did it cause he wanted too.

"Every things fine. I Just bout this for you and wanted to bring it over." He gave her the perfume, and smiled. But his mother's smile was brighter & wider then his.

"Oh, Samuel, thank you." She kissed his right cheek and wrapped her left arm around his waist. "But really what's bothering you?" She led him in to the kitchen, and they walked in perfect harmony, left foot, right foot, left foot, right. Neither of them knew, they weren't thinking about it, it was just a natural flow of motion.

"You remember about Amanda?" Of course she did, who could forget that the 16 year old that was like the sister he never had, the daughter his mom always wanted, the daughter his dad was surprised to learn he wanted too, was getting married!

Mom just nodded in her cool, calm manor.

"I was going to buy her engagement present today, but I couldn't stop thinking about Emily."

She hugged him tighter, "I think about her allot during this time of the year too."

"Any way I ended up at the perfume case and decided to buy you some thing." It was a dumb way to end his story but he didn't want to tell his mom he'd bought some thing for sentimental value and because he couldn't give it away to any one else he was giving it to her, that wouldn't be very flattering. So just to make more scents he adds, "There was a sent that reminded me of you and Emily both. I thought you'd like it."

She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, "I'm glad my boys still think of me. Colt & Tum Tum are still living here, but you wouldn't know it from the lack of time they hang around."

She was sad, and Rocky felt guilty for moving out the week after he turned 18, but he wanted to be responsible, and now that he was legally an adult he felt moving out, getting a job, and going to college all in the same package.

"I miss you mom, but all you have to do is call, I'll come home and make more noise then Colt & Tum Tum combined." They both laughed.

"That's the sweetest thing any one's said to me. But you're going to Japan that'll be good for you, I know you'll love it."

They both took a seat at the table. The cookie jar was setting in the center and they retched in and started munching on them.

"I have to tell you about Colt's girlfriend Beverly." She starts then looks serious for a moment, "have you met her yet?"

Rocky shook his head no, he knew Colt had been going with some one for a month now, which is pretty long for Colt.

"She's the sweetest thing Rocky. I hope Colt stays with her for a while they're good for one another. But you know your brother, if girls aren't braking his heart he's braking their's."

"He means well." Rocky says in Colt deafens.

"I know. He would never hurt any one on purpes. He's to kind like that. Even if his buds thinks he's a wild untamable horse, he has his sweet side. And when was the last time you talked to Tum Tum?" She changed subjects as she remembers some thing.

"Hu.."He thought and counted it up in his head, "three weeks." He didn't like not being around, but between work & school he didn't have time. And now he was going to Japan, he tried not to get all weepy about it. He knew his mom would cry if she thought he was lonely, he didn't want to make her upset so he pushed the thoughts in to the darkest corner of his mind for now.

"What's new with Tum Tum?" He asked with censer interest.

"A girl broke up with him...." She didn't have to say more Rocky's jaw dropped down and he stared at his mom unbelieving. His brother had grown to be more popular, more handsome then Rocky and Colt combind, and though Tum Tum had broken up with a lot of girls non had ever dumped him before.

" 'What did the dork do to cheese of his girl?' Is what Colt asked when he heard." Mom says in a perfect impration of Colt.

Rocky laughed. "What did happen?"

"Tum got into a fight with her older brother and broke the brother's leg."

Rocky shook his head slowly. "Why was he in a fight? Is he grounded?"

"No. They where just sparing, playing around. I don't like to say things like this, but I think Todd was getting mad about getting beatten by some one three years younger then himself so he tride to fight with all his force, Tum Tum blocked a kick with equal force, " she snapted her fingures making a lowd noise, "Todd's leg broke when it hit Tum's forarm."

"Really?" Rocky swelled with pride, his baby brother was getting pretty tuff and skilled too!

Chapter 2