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Title: The heart you broke.

Author: Malisa C.


Rocky.... Sean, Emily.... Kate, Colt..... Max

Tum Tum.. Chad, Amanda... Chelsey, Dannel... Michael T.



Amanda likes a boy, one of Rocky's best friends. But Amanda also has a VERY pretty sister who likes this boy too. Emily, Rocky, Tum Tum & Colt will do any thing to keep Amanda from getting hurt. But what is best, to set Amanda & Dannel up, or keep Dannel away from Amanda so he won't hurt her again?


Chapter 1

"ROCKieeeeeee!" Amanda Morgan-Green yells from out side of his bed room window.

"This yours?" Samule Douglas, or 'Rocky,' answers and drops a base ball down to her.

Amanda fumbled and missed the ball, it landed neer her feet and she scooped it up quickly with her baseball glove.

"It's Colt's actully." Amanda calls back.

"Hey Mandy, Dannel is here!" Colt came running up to her, Tum Tum who was fallowing Colt, made kissing sounds. Amanda inturn became bright red.

"Leave her alone," Rocky chided his brother and ran his hand through his black wavy hair. "Go talk to him."

Colt smiled at Amanda, "yeah go on, we'll finish our game later." Amanda bit her lower lip and looked back up to Rocky who gave an incruaging smile, so she took a deep breath and walked over to the curb infrount of her house where Dannel stood.

He looked so adoreble in that dinum shirt and kaki pants, she couledn't help but turn more red for having such thoughts.

"Are you all right? You look like you've been in the sun for a long while." Dannel Smiled, at her his hazel eyes where bright and beautiful.

She swalloed hard and nervesly laughed, "I gues I have been. Though I don't normel sunborn. But there was this one time that-"

Heeeerrrrrrr, car tires screeched behined her, "Mandy!" He interupted her. She blinked and the next thing she knew she was laying on her frount lown, on her back and he was on top of her.

She blinked again and saw the dark blue car that slamed in to her car garoge door.

"Prudy are you all right?!" Dannel ran over to the 'super' modle that stagerd out of the crashed car.

" Ahh..." She started to fall and he caught her, in those genlt but strong arms of his, he caught and held on to Amanda's older sister.

Whith her heart in her throte Amanda slowly helpd herself up.

Prudy Morgan-Green wasn't just pretty, not even beautiful could discribe that eligont girl, she was and would for ever be, amazingling drop dead gorges.

Amanda held her glasses up infrount of her face and squinted, a little bit of morning dew had made the linses wet, but no damge done. This pretty summer day that had started out with a great game of catch had be come dark and bleek in one instont.

"You didn't get any scratches did you?" Dannel says.

'No dought he's going to make a fuss over her like every one else dose.' Amanda thought to herself, and begain to walk over back to the Douglas's place.

Emily Gleisson came running out of the Douglas house with Rocky. "Amanda! What happend?" Emily asks with worry.

"Are you okay?" Colt took her hand in his and smiled, "Don't let Prudy bother you."

"Prudy?" Emily winced at the name, "What did she do now?" Emily who normely got along with every one, no matter what, had a hard time tolerating Proudy.

"She drove the car into the gorage door and almost hit Dannle and me." Amanda sighd, she forced herself not to look back, the only thing she'd see in her yeard would be Dannel making googoo eyes and flirting with some one else, she couldn't stand the thought and made herself think about some thing else.

"Well at least we won't have to deal with her this summer." Tum Tum cheerd.

Rocky glard, "She's not so bad."

"Yeah, it's just the stupped guys that fall for her that is annoying." Colt lightly puntched Amanda's shoulder. "Let's finish playing ball."

"I'll keep score." Emily offers.

Rocky kissed her cheek lightly. "We have to finish studding." He remineds her.

With a deep sigh and shrough of her shoulders she answers back with- "Alright, my English books have been waiting long enough. Call me later Mandy."


Colt laid back in his bean bag with his sneakers proped up on the corner of Rocky's bed busly reading some sheet music for banned class.

"Tomarrow we're leaving!!!!" Tum Tum sang out as he stomped around out side of the bed room door.

"Go away Tum, I'm not letting you in." Colt says back, the lock on the door had become his best friend, and proved to be the best line of deffence from annoying brothers.

The door bell rang and Tum Tum ran down stars to answer it, hoping it would be Eilane.

"Finely some quite," Colt puched the air as if he'd won a great battle.

It wasn't 3 minutes tell He heard some one knocking on the bed room door. "What now!?" colt yells back.

"Dannel's here" Tum Tum answers, "be whear of the angery Colt." Tum Tum says to Dannel teasingly.

The bed room door swong open and colt glard down at Tum Tum, "I heard that."

"What are you going to do about it?" Tum ran past Colt and hoped on to his bed.

Colt frownd and turnd to Dannel, "Hey, what can I do for you?"

"It's.." He looked at Tum Tum nervasly.

"Privet? Don't mined me," Tum popped a peace of candy from his stash,"I just needed some snacks."

Dannle smiled, "thank you." and Tum Tum left the room.

Tum Tum pocked his heasd back in to the room to ad, "if you really need some help you should ask for my adives, Colt isn't an Instine, you know."

"Tummmmm" Colt grals and throse a pellow barly missing Tum Tum's head.

Dannel picked up the pellow and closed the bed room door.

Quitely he toyed with the pellow and Colt watched impationtly.

"So?" Colt asks.

The next thing he knew the pellow het him in the face, "I need your help." Dannel Answers after towsing the pellow.

"With what?"

"You're friends with Amanda, right?"

Colt didn't answer,

"Amanda Morgan-Green from across the street." Dannel ads. He wasn't confadent like he normaly was And Colt studied him up asnd down. what could he want? well Colt wasn't about to let him hurt Amanda.

"Yes I'm friends with her and you should know I don't like people hurting her-"

"Oh, I don't want to hurt her, I just..ah.. I really like her and yesterday she gave me the cold shoulder I can't figure out why."

"WHAT?!" Colt couldn't beleive his ears, Mandy had told him what had happend yesterday, but... what on earth could Dannel be talking about?

"After Purdy's car acsident I asked Amanda is she was hurt but she didn't answer, she didn't even look back at me...." He looked down at the flour, there was pain in his voice, "I just don't get it.."

"You and me both." Colt blurts out. dannel loked up at him sharply, "Lesson man, When I talked to Amanda she said you asked if Purdy was alright, and if she had scratches. But YOU ignord Mandy."

Colt was tempted to add how hurt Amanda was, but that would have ment braking his promes of not saying any thing about her crush on Dannel, so he bit his toung, litteraly, to keep under contrule.

Dannel Smiled, "I asked Amanda if she had scratches... Do you think she miss understoud who I was talking to?" He was exsited and hopeful.

Colt shruged. "Gues so."

"Colt I have a favure to ask of you."


"Help me get a date with her."

Colt glared at Dannel, "I said before I won't let any one hurt her. I'm not going to help you if you're not serious about this."

Dannel blinked in surprise. "You like her too, don't you?"

Colt shook his head no like a wild horse, "nooooo. No, no, no."


"Hey Mandy!" Tum Tum let Amanda and Emily in to the house. "What are you two doing?"

"We're supose to have banned practes with Colt," Emily says with a smile. "Do you know where he is?"

"Yeah, sure. He's up stars, with Dannel."

Amanda became pail, turnd around and placed her and on the door knob.

"Don't leave, He really likes you." Tum Tum said and put his hand on top of Amanda's. "Stay for a while, you'll regreat it if you don't."

She bit her lower lip, "You think.."

"YES!" Emily cheers, "give him another chance. I'll go get Colt and you can go to the gorage and get the insterments set up."

Slowly Amada took her hand off of the knob and trund to emily & Tum Tum with a smile, "gues it couldn't hurt."

"That's the spirit. Besides if any thing happens I'll sick Rocky on him, I give me word." Emily states in away that made Tum Tum wander if she was serieos or teasing but Amanda giggled.

"Hey let me in," Rocky says as he tride to puch the door open from the out side, but Amanda & Tum Tum was standing in frount of the door blocking it. -------------------------------