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For as long as I have loved reading, I have wanted to be a published author. I want to create a story that will envelope the reader in its reality in the same way reading a good book will draw me in. In college I had several story ideas and a story or two started. However, the stories took a backseat to my job after graduation.

Several years ago, I discovered fanfiction and thought it would be a good exercise to expand my writing skills. I picked an idea and started writing my first fanfic. I took on the name of West Wind with the posting of my first Gundam Wing fanfiction in January 2001. Later that year I created a website to host the Gundam Wing based stories I had written. ( Through this I discovered writing and reader feedback is addictive. The process of creating a world, its occupants, and a good story is an enchanting and euphoric creative outlet. The fact that others enjoy it is a bonus.

My first year of writing mostly focused on believable romance stories. They were easy short stories to write. In the past year, I have been trying to blend genres and craft longer and broader stories with an eye to someday writing a fantasy or science fiction story that will be published.

Current Projects

Currently, I am working on the MS Glitter project plus a few fanfics. The project has proven to be the stretching experience I hoped it would be and given me the opportunity to work with other writers to develop characters and write the script. I am enjoying the process and hope others will enjoy the final product.

Other miscellaneous information if interested:

~I have two cats - Smoky, a gray tiger, and Cleo, a mostly white calico. They are good heat sources on cold winter nights. ~I like to draw and have been trying to expand my skills in that area as well. ~I graduated from college with a BS in chemistry and a minor in computer science and German, although my German needs polishing before seriously using it. ~I work in an environmental laboratory. We test water and soil for things. ~Member of a Presbyterian church.

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