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Persecution of Christians under Islam
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BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan Oct.10.2001 -- A group of bearded men on motorcycles opened fire on a Sunday morning church service, killing at least 16 people, including a police officer, officials said. At least five others were critically injured. ----Jan.1.2002 JAKARTA - Explosions rocked four churches in Indonesia's volatile Central Sulawesi province while a separate blast hit Jakarta-Indonesia, killing one person, shattering what had been relative calm during recent religious festivals.----Nigeria Jan.1.2002, Muslim militia hits Nigerian village About 20 people were killed and several others injured when Muslim militiamen raided a Christian village ------------March,17,2002 ISLAMABAD- Two Americans were among at least five people killed in a grenade attack on a Protestant church packed with foreigners for a Sunday service in Pakistan's capital
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Since Early Islam till this moment persecution of indigenous Eastern Christians is continuous , therefore the remainders living in Islamic countries are quite few ,which is estimated nowadays between 2-3%.It is well known that countries such as,Yemen Hijaz,(North and East of Saudi Arabia),Jordan,Syria,Mesopotamia,Israel,Turkey,North Africa,Ethiopia were inhabited with majority of Christians with a good number of Jews, until the conquest of Islam to Christendom which started around 640 AD,The persecution of Christians & Jews took many phases,

Jesus Weptfrom massacres to collective punishments,execution,imprisonment, humiliation,taxes, or reduced to slavery & concubinage....Recent studies ,had unveiled documents and letters written in the 18th century by the British Consuls, (Living in Islamic States)
to His/Her Majesty of England, describing the condition of Christians , living under Islamic laws,which were very harsh,racist ,unequal and humiliating accompanied with severe punishments.

The following documents, published here, on this Website, of those British Consuls and, other historians documents related , to the massacres and to the degraded conditions of Eastern Christians living under Islam rules, are the biggest evidence to shatter the allegation by Muslims,that Islam is a Tolerant religion,but on the contrary it proves that
non-Muslims ,whom are living in Islamic countries,are under continuous Persecution,fear of death,humiliation,unequality & hatred fed always against them by Mullahs through Mosques
And here are some of The Islamic laws (Sharia) which Christians & Jews lived under.

1-They can not pass on the right of A Muslim but on the left
2-They can not testify against Muslims in court of law.
3-They can not ride a horse or a camel but only a donkey or a mule.
4-They should wear special costumes to be identified ,when walking in the streets
5-They should wear tag in their neck as prove that they have paid their Taxes (Jizyah)
6-They can not own any weapon to defend themselves.
7-They are not allowed to defend themselves ,i.e .if they were beaten by a Muslim,but they may try to cool him down
8-Religious celebrations in Public are not allowed, crosses in Public and on Churches are not allowed.
9-Their Houses and Shops should not be higher than Muslims but may be lower.
10-Preaching their beliefs is not allowed, touching The Koran or reading it , is prohibited
11-They should pay yearly Jizyah (non Muslims special taxes) ,these Taxes,should be paid in a festival,Muslims should remind them ,that they are infidels, and slap them on their necks as a reminder.
12-Their Jobs should not be higher than Muslims ,but only in necessity,(i.e) if they can not find Muslim to fill the Job
14-Children Of Muslims are encouraged to threw stones on them,when they walk in the streets
15-They are not allowed to build new churches or restore the old one
16-A Musilm should not be Punished (Executed) for killing Non-Muslims,
17-Any of these Laws broken they are subject to slavery,Jail,Execution and their wifes ,will be taken as concubines, and their children as slaves,

Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the last day,and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger,and follow not the religion of truth,until they pay the tribute readily,being brought low) (Humiliation) KORAN9:29

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