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1-The Arabs' 'Berlin Wall'--Inside the wall, the warrior mentality and the glory of battles are put on a pedestal, but in public they say theirs is a religion of peace. The result is a militant population ready to sacrifice their lives and that of their children to jihad. The militant factions and warlords could threaten the leadership from within – more than what Arab dictators ever bargained for. Thus, the people's urge for war is redirected against the West and non-Muslims . By Nonnie Darwish (World net daily) Article March/2/2002



3-An Interview with an ex-Mulsim (Unveiling-Islam) CBN


4-RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Saudi media, in a rare criticism of the kingdom's powerful religious police, have accused the force of hampering efforts to rescue 15 girls who died inside a blazing school BBC UK


5-— Why do so many from the Middle East come here to find freedom, security, and safety — and then criticize the country that they would never leave as they praise the country that they would never return to? National review


6- What can we learn from the baffling stance of the Kuwaitis? First, the past conduct of the United States counts for nothing in the present crisis. For months Americans have been amazed that Muslims showed so little appreciation that we helped save Islam from the Russians, fed starving Somalians, and prevented Kosovars from being annihilated. We were damned by Russians, Armenians, many eastern Europeans, and Orthodox Balkan peoples for ousting Milosevic by force and attacking a Christian European country — but oddly, never praised by the Islamic world for saving Muslims   NationalReview


7-Iran’s Myth of Moderation  National Review




9-Noisy church bell sparks Egyptian riot The Star Canada


10-Saudi author arrested over poem BBC UK


11-Saudi Arabia 'buys silence' on abuse  BBC UK


12-Grenade attack on a church in Islamabad which left at least five people dead and scores of others injured. CNN



13-Copts crusade to bring back converted girls Middle East Times



14-Fundamentalists demand Mafia-style protection money from Copts Middle East Times


15-Militants celebrate 'eid with church attack Middle East Times


14-AN Ex-Paralment member jailed for asking the mosque speakers to be lowered and for  slandering the prime minister  Jordan Times

15-Saudi Arabia: Time is long overdue to address women's rights  Amnesty Int’l Report


16-FBI: Va. Men Planned Israel Attack


17-‘American Jihad’ The threat from within the U.S. border -Newsweek (Article)


18-Passover- Massacre At least 16 dead, 100 hurt in suicide bombing in Netanya hotel Haeretz


19-America and the Arabs ..Economist


20-Saudi Arabia's Apartheid   Washingtonpost


21-The Silent Imams ( why must we constantly repeat that we are not at war with Islam. Washingtonpost



22-Could worse be yet to come?   Economist 


23-Bomber wounds 25 at Tel Aviv cafe; 5 die in weekend attacks Haaretzdaily


24-At least 14 killed in suicide bombing in Haifa restaurant Haaretzdaily


25-At least 10 people were killed and 20 others were injured Saturday when suspected Islamic militants armed with grenades and guns attacked the 150-year-old Hindu temple in Jammu CNN


26-Car Bomb in W. Jerusalem Kills Two NYTimes


27-policemen patrol Paris' Jewish district Tuesday, after a spate of anti-Semitic attacks in France. Haaretzdaily



28-In an ambush in Saida (Algeria)20 soldiers and resistants assassinated by Islamic Militant April/3/2002  LATIMES


29-A bomb blast in Indonesia's riot-scarred eastern Maluku islands has killed four people and injured 52, threatening a one-month-old peace deal struck between Muslims and Christians April/3/2002 CNN


30-Berlin Gang Attacks 2 American Jews; Security Is Tightened April/3/2002 NYTimes


31-Priests and monks were being held hostage by Palestinian gunmen who forced the clerics to grant them sanctuary after Israeli forces invaded Bethlehem and rumbled up to Manger Square. April/4/2002 Reuters


32-'We will replace the Bible with the Koran in Britain'  Observer UK–


33-AK-47 training held at London mosque- Observer UK


34-Terror video used to lure UK Muslims- Observer UK


35-Freed Italy priest Kidnapped By Abu Sayaff tells of ordeal April/8/2002 CNN


36- Inside Suicide, Inc  Death wishes: Suicide missions have become part of a culture from which no child is spared. The mechanics of martyrdom Newsweek


37-Post-Taliban mosques sit empty Afghans rethink Islam after heavy-handed enforcement ends  SanFransiscoGate


38-Eight dead, 14 wounded in bus bombing southeast of Haifa CNN


39- Ahmed Kaftaro (Mufti Of Syria)- and Ahmed AlTaib (Mufti of Egypt) The Persons who are  in Charge of Islamic  and Religious  Decrees (Fatwas), Annouced That Suicidal Attacks against Civilians in Israel are very Honrable and The Highest degree in Sacrifice and Martyrdom April/8/2002  Arab News


40-Jewish school bus stoned in Paris, one student injured  Haaretzdaily


41-Blast at Tunisia synagogue kills 5 CNN


42-Editor of Koran raided by feds April/12/2002 Word-net-daily


43--- Six people were killed  and 60 wounded  Friday in a terror attack by a female suicide bomber at a Jerusalem bus stop  April/12/2002 CNN


44-Attack on Powell motorcade foiled  Explosives, suicide bomber's belt found beneath corpse in ambulance  April/12/2002 World net daily


45-The president has called on the Arab states to stop the hatred in the press against Israel or against Jews April/13/2002  Washingtontimes


46-A columnist for one of Saudi Arabia's government-controlled daily newspapers has come out in support of the Palestinian suicide attacker who detonated a bomb at a Passover April/13/2002  World net daily


45-: One of two Pakistani nuclear engineers recently arrested on suspicion of passing nuclear secrets to the Taliban had earlier proposed to solve Pakistan's energy problems by harnessing the power of geniesWashingtonpost


46-It is time to kill the Americans on their own soil among their sons and next to their soldiers and intelligence agencies. ... We killed them outside their country, praise is to Allah, and today we kill them on their own soil," the man says on the tape.  April/16/2002 CNN


47-This war tells us more about Europe than the Middle East  


48-Last Detained Christian to be Released in Saudi Arabia Speaks of His Ordeal  Persecution org.


49-Make the Saudis Pay for Terror    By  Daniel Pipes


50-Some 1,600 Palestinians have been killed since the latest round of violence erupted in the fall of 2000. In contrast, two million Sudanese have died in the ongoing civil war here, with barely anyone noticing.  NewYorkTimes


60 -THE MASSACRE THAT WASN'T     Newyorkpost


61 -Saudis defend Palestinian suicide attacks as legitimate means of resisting occupation


63 -Chechen blasts kill 21 police officers   April.17.2002  CNN


64-SAUDI ARABIA:     A secret state of suffering    Amnesty International Report   


65-The Saudi Arabian ambassador to the UK faces censure from the British government after writing a poem in praise of Palestinian suicide bombers.   April.17.2002 BBC UK


67-Israel's history of bomb blasts   1994-2002 BBC UK


68- Muslim Invasion     National Review


69--I say any Arab-American or Muslim-American who has divided loyalties is no American at all. He or she should get the hell out of my country   Article  By George Farah World net daily


70-The last decade at least 100,000 Algerians have been killed in political violence involving armed Islamists and the security forces BBC UK


71--GENERAL SANTOS, Philippines- At least 15 people were killed and 55 injured when an explosion went off at a shopping mall Sunday afternoon in the southern Philippine city of General Santos, Abu Sayaf gang claimed responsibility. April/20/2002.CNN


72--Algeria-Suspected Islamic rebels are reported to have killed seven people and wounded four others April/20/2002 BBC


73--How Caricature encourages suicidal bombers in Arab Media…. Arabia .com


74--AHMEDABAD, India -- Religious tension continues to simmer in the violence-wracked western Indian state of Gujarat after a spate of fresh bloodshed over the weekend left at least 16 dead April.21.2002. CNN


75-Forgotten Christians of the East By Theodore G. Karakostas


76-The armed Palestinians holed up in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem were keeping some 50 children and young men virtual prisoners in the church's cellar, a 20-year-old Palestinian who escaped related yesterday.  Haaretzdaily


77-Palestinian fighter describes 'hard fight' in Jenin--Says he didn't see large numbers killed CNN


78-The Algerian Government says Islamic rebels have killed 16 people, including eight children, in the west of the country. April.24.2002  BBC UK


79-The Bloodiest War-The world's attention may be focused elsewhere in the region, but this is by far the Middle East's bloodiest war, with two million Sudanese dead over the last 18 years. The war, arising from the rebellion by the southern part of the country (mostly Christian or animist and black African) against smothering rule by the Muslim, Arab northern part, has also left 4.5 million homeless NYTIMES


80--Christians have long been targeted in the Middle East. Thousands of churches were destroyed during the Arab conquest in the seventh century. Ten thousand Lebanese Christians were massacred in 1860s, while over 100,000 were killed in the Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990. Thousands of women were raped. That war was provoked by Yasser Arafat's PLO. The story of the village of Dammur, where 500 Lebanese were massacred, primarily boys, and whose population was expelled in an ethnic cleansing, symbolizes treatment of Christians in the Middle East. National Review


81--Islamic terrorists plotted to kill and maim the innocent as they shopped in Strasbourg's famed Christmas Market April/24/2002  Observer UK


82-It is not true that peace is the main characteristic of the faith of Islam. It is not even true that the word Islam means peace. In fact it means submission. Islam Review


83--At least 11 people have been killed and more than 20 injured in an attack during a religious ceremony at a Shia mosque in central Pakistan.       April/25/2002  BBC UK


84--About 300 to 400 Muslims and Hindus rioted Thursday for the fifth straight day in the old city section of Ahmedabad, tossing stones and firebombs at each other from windows and rooftops for well over an hour.    April/25/2002 CNN


85--Five Israelis die in West Bank raid    April/27/2002 BBC UK


86-: More Saudi lies The German newspaper Die Welt has reported that Saudi Arabia financed the escape of 4,000 agents of Osama bin Laden from Afghanistan to Lebanon, and has offered $5,000 for each al Qaeda member who resettles in the West Bank or Gaza. Is this the latest Saudi contribution to the famous "peace process"? Washingtontimes


87-FAITH IN AMERICA-Yet while the United States may well be, as many experts claim, the most religious of the Western democracies, it also is becoming the most religiously diverse–and tolerant   US NEWS


88--MOSCOW, Russia -- At least four people have been killed in an explosion at an outdoor market in the southern Russian city of Vladikavkaz, officials said  28/4/2002 CNN


89-WASHINGTON  Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah requested that no women air traffic controllers direct his flight on his way to visit President Bush at his Texas ranch earlier this week, according to regional and national aviation officials-  28/4/2002  CNN


90-Muslim mob attacks Indonesia Christians--At least 12 people have been killed by a Muslim mob which attacked a Christian village in the Moluccan islands in eastern Indonesia.  April/28/2002  BBC UK


91--American kowtowing to "moderate" Arabs may embolden bin Laden.    By BERNARD LEWIS


92-Traitors or Martyrs--The idea of Britons fighting for the Taliban has hit a national nerve. Many Muslims in the U.K. are loudly anti-American and highly critical of the bombing in Afghanistan. In a poll of 500 London Muslims of Pakistani origin aged 20 to 45, the Asian radio station Sunrise found that 79% did not support Britain's participation in the war, 98% said they would not fight for the country, but 48% said they would take up arms for Islam.Time Magazine


93-A war that presents us all with a crisis of faith 'This isn't about Islam." The world's leaders have been repeating this mantra for weeks, partly in the virtuous hope of deterring reprisal attacks on innocent Muslims living in the west, partly because, if the US is to maintain its coalition against terror, it can't afford to allege that Islam and terrorism are in any way related.  By Salman Rushdie Author of Satanic Verses -Guardian UK

94--Algeria: Four persons killed in an attack by Islamists  4/28/2002   Bahrain News

95-WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Federal agents arrested the director of an Illinois-based charity Tuesday and charged him with lying about links to Osama bin Laden and international terrorism--In a 35-page criminal complaint, the government says the BIF supported terrorist groups and individuals and had "direct dealings" with Chechen guerrillas and Hezb e Islami -- identified by the government as a military group operating in Afghanistan and Azerbaijan CNN

96-Grenade in Philippines Kills 3; Scores Wounded:Suspected Muslim rebels killed three people and injured almost 100 in the Philippines on Wednesday when they hurled a grenade into a crowd of villagers celebrating the festival of a local patron saint, officials said    MAY/1/2002  Reuters

97-Iranian Leader Blasts United States, Praises Bombers   May/1/2002  Reuters

98-Algerian massacres: '31 dead' Armed extremists have killed 31 people in two separate massacres in the Tiaret region of western Algeria, officials said on Thursday. May/2/2002 BBC


99- Karachi hit by two bombs--Two bombs have exploded in the Pakistani city of Karachi killing a young boy and wounding at least five others. May/2/2002 BBC UK

100--The Muslims' great mistake is to see the West as the enemy----Muslims are instead at war with neighbours of every religion, whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or African animists. Internal wars of one kind or another have also devastated such Muslim countries as Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq.    Daily Telegraph UK

101-Ben Laden Video ----Showing a direct hit during an Airborn  Humor

102-   The facts about Jenin --And not just the houses were rigged to explode. As Omar told Al-Ahram (NewsPaper)— and the Israeli government told the world — the streets of Jenin were also booby-trapped. "According to Omar," Al-Ahram reported, "everyone in the camp, including the children, knew where the explosives were located so there was no danger of civilians being injured." Indeed, Omar also said Jenin women actually helped lure the Israelis into death-traps.   May/3/2002  Washingtontimes


104-In a press briefing Thursday, IDF Intelligence Officer Colonel Miri Eisen screened a four minute tape of a staged Palestinian funeral photographed by an Israeli drone flying over Jenin on Monday, April 28. Pallbearers repeatedly tried to carry a green blanket wrapped around a man who pretended to be dead, but kept falling out of the blanket. The funeral took place between the area that was destroyed in the Jenin refugee camp and the nearby cemetery.  Irsael Insider

105-At least 16 people have been killed in a suspected suicide attack on a crowded Israeli club May/7/2002 BBC UK

106-Twelve people have been killed in a suicide attack on a bus in Pakistan's port city of Karachi. May/7/2002 BBC UK

107-A suicide bomber blew himself up Wednesday at Megiddo junction, a few miles from the northern West Bank Palestinian flashpoint of Jenin, police said. May/8/2002 Haaretzdaily

108--34, Including 12 Children, Killed as Bomb Rips Military Paradean angry President Vladimir V. Putin said the attacks were made by the same rebels who have been waging war against Russian forces for two years in Chechnya, which borders Dagestan NYTIMES    May/9/2002

109-The only way Muslims can have assurance of salvation and eternal life is by becoming a martyr for the cause of Islam," said Reza F. Safa, author of "Inside Islam." "To a Muslim," he added, "dying and killing for the cause of Islam is not only an honor, but also a way of pleasing Allah--- World Net

110-Tolerating the intolerable--- Town Hall

111-Bomb damages American restaurant in Lebanon  Jordan Times

112-JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Three people have been wounded in an apparent hand-grenade attack by suspected Palestinian militants in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba, Israeli police and witnesses say MSN

113-ISLAMABAD: Pakistani security officials suspect that Wednesday's suicide bombing was carried out by the same group behind US journalist Daniel Pearl's murder, a media report said on Friday   Times of India  May/10/2002

114-OCCIDENTALISM--Are America's unveiled, auto-driving, and sometimes belly-baring women sluts and worse? — or do they accomplish far more than exciting the baser passions, such as doubling the work force and bringing critical brain power to the very pinnacles of society? Should you even shake hands with a Western woman, pay her to join your harem, lecture her about chastity — or hire her to economize your bureaucracy, control your aircraft traffic, design your power grid, sort our your legal codes? National Review

115-Religious Texbooks for 3rd graders teaching  hatred against Jews ,Christians,Infidles  in Saudi-Arabia and  inIslamic countries--- A Say from Prophet of Islam Mouhammed-- “The last hour won't come before the Muslims would fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them so Jews would hide behind rocks and trees. Then the rocks and tree would call: oh Muslim, oh servant of God! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only "Gharkad" tree, it is of Jews' trees." PBS

116-Dozens of Jordanian women prisoners have chosen to stay in jail after serving their sentences because they fear for their safety if they return home.  BBC UK

117-NOT FRIEND OR FOE--Anti-Western views have stuck; in particular, Saudis have shown themselves wildly sympathetic to bin Laden. One American hospital worker in Saudi Arabia reported "Saudi doctors and nurses around him celebrating on 9/11." A confidential survey found some 95 percent of young educated Saudis sympathetic to his declaration of war against the United States. NP

118-Christendom: On the rise in the world    Washtimes

119-PETER HAIN, the Minister for Europe, was rebuked by Labour Muslims last night for describing sections of the Islamic community in Britain as "isolationist" and accusing them of contributing to racial tension   Daily Telegraph Uk

120-Terrorists attack Jammu Army camp, 34 killed--JAMMU: At least thirty four people, including 22 Army men and their family members, and seven passengers were killed when militants attacked a bus and later stormed a nearby Army camp at Kaluchak about 10 km from here, official sources said Times of India   May/14/2002

121-Cheering for the suicide bombers in Virginia--"The people in the refugee camp, they choose between living like a dog or dying like a human being. They prefer to die like a human being," one man says of the suicide bombers who killed dozens of men, women and children out for pizza, or celebrating a daughter's coming of age, or shopping for food.   Townhall

122- 'Greedy monsters' ruled church Catholic priests said that-----“ some Bibles were torn up for toilet paper, and many valuable sacramental objects were removed.,Palestinians took candelabra, icons and anything that looked like gold," said a Franciscan, the Rev. Nicholas Marquez from Mexico”Washtimes May/15/2002

123-The silence of Christians ---“At the request of its priests, when the Israeli army entered the church they found a large cache of weapons. They found some forty booby traps, twenty-five of which were swiftly disarmed while others were left in place to be disarmed later to avoid damaging the church. Reportedly, priceless relics had been stolen. They found a place stinking of human offal and urine. The Palestinians had defiled that holy place”  Israel Insider

124- Algeria-Blast kills five in Berber region   BBC UK

125-Jordan----Toujan Faisal - the first woman to be elected to parliament - was found guilty of publishing "lies that hurt the state's integrity and honour" after she accused the government of corruption.   BBC UK May/16/2002

126-The Abu Sayyaf Hostage Crisis--Redemption came for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) with the release of seven hostages by the terrorist cum bandit group, Abu Sayyaf. The bandits now hold only three kidnap-victims in their stronghold Basilan province - American missionary couple Martin and Gracia Burnham, the remaining Dos Palmas hostages; and Deborah Yap, a member of the staff of the Jose Torres Memorial Hospital in Lamitan, Basilan  Philstar May/16/2002  Philipine Star

127-Body said to be Pearl’s is examined--- The three-minute video — which includes footage of Pearl with his throat cut — was replayed in court three times, but the defendants were “calm” and “emotionless,” Bashir said. Prosecutors refused to comment on the reaction within the courtroom  MSNBC   May/16/2002.

128-Obeying 'a holy duty' to kill---GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- A mother lovingly dresses her 12-year-old son in the homemade costume of a suicide bomber, complete with small kaffiyeh, a belt of electrical tape and fake explosives made of plywood     Washtimes May/16/2002

123-The federal government on Friday unsealed an indictment charging a 19-year-old Pakistani immigrant with plotting to blow up the Florida Power & Light Co. plant at Port Everglades and other sites in South Florida May/17/2002.

124-COTABATO, Philippines, May 16 — A homemade bomb exploded Thursday in a crowded public market in the southern Philippines, injuring nine people in a region on alert for possible attacks from Muslim rebels and extortion gangs, officials said MSNBC

125-Three people were killed and at least 56 people were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a fruit and vegetable market in the coastal town of Netanya at around    May/19/2002 Haaretz

126-Those Arab 'peacemakers----“the Post quoted from a recent sermon broadcast on Saudi state television: "Oh God, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh God, destroy the Zionists and their supporters”   May/20/2002  Washtimes

127-AMMAN –JORDAN– A 29-year-old man walked free from the Criminal Court on Thursday after receiving a reduced sentence for killing his pregnant cousin in Deir Alla in June 2001 in the name of family honour   Jordan Times

128-An Arab Christian widow and mother of two has been told by Jordan’s Supreme Court that she must surrender custody of her children to a Muslim guardian.  Christian solidarity

129-Radical Egyptian writes for rights As the first Arab woman to write against female genital mutilation, her radical writings have repeatedly got her into trouble  BBC UK  23/5/2002


130- Two Israelis were killed and 41 were wounded yesterday when a suicide bomber, whom witnesses described as European-looking with a dyed blond punk haircut, blew himself up in the popular semi-open mall at the intersection of Rothschild and Herzl streets in downtown Rishon Letzion.  23/5/2002 haaretz daily


131-Hundreds of Pictures –jokes about Bin Laden    Humor

132-suicide bomber yesterday killed an elderly woman and her 18-month-old grandchild, and injured 50 people when he blew himself up at the entrance to Bravissimo cafe in Petah Tikva. 28/5/2002 Haaertz

132-At the settlement of Itamar southeast of Nablus, a Palestinian gunman burst into a yeshiva at around 11 P.M., killing three students and wounding two others, before he was shot dead by a security guard.   28/5/2002 Haaertz daily

133-AHMEDABAD: Three bomb blasts rocked Ahmedabad on Wednesday morning, injuring at least 12 people. The bombs were placed on three Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Corporation buses  Times of India 28/5/2002

134-ALGIERS - An armed group killed 23 nomads overnight west of the Algerian capital as the country prepared to vote in Thursday's parliamentary polls, officials said. The nomads were burnt to death near the town of Chlef, 200 kilometers west of Algiers, by a group of armed extremists   30/5/2002   Khaleej Times


135-Pakistan-Death-row Christian May Hang for 'Blasphemy'
Ayub Masih has been behind bars for five and a half years, the last four on death row, for allegedly blaspheming Muhammad. One year ago, the Multan Bench of the Lahore High Court confirmed the sentence—death by hanging

136-Top Saudi imam sees conspiracy- “Though he was particularly scornful of Jews, whom he said had been cursed and turned into "pigs and monkeys" by Allah, he turned his ire on Christians and capitalists as well.,Their course is supported by the advocates of credit and worshippers of the Cross," the imam asserted, "as well as by those who are infatuated with them and influenced by their rotten ideas and poisonous culture among the advocates of secularism and Westernization.” Washtimes 2/6/2002


137-An explosives-laden car pulled alongside a bus and blew up Wednesday morning in northern Israel, killing at least 17 passengers   June/4/2002  CNN


138-JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Police on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi say a bomb explosion has ripped though a crowded commuter bus killing at least four people and injuring 17

139-MANILA, Philippines (CNN) -- A Filipina nurse and a U.S. missionary held hostage by Muslim extremists for more than a year have been killed during a rescue attempt, according to Philippine military officials.  June/7/2002 CNN

140-A teenage girl has been killed and at least eight other people wounded when a suicide bomber targeted a restaurant in the Israeli city of Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv   June/11/2002 BBC UK

141-A suicide bomb attack outside the US consulate in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi has killed at least eight people and injured many others.  BBC UK   June /13/2002


142-Nineteen people were killed and 70 people were wounded yesterday when a suicide bomber boarded a bus from Gilo to downtown Jerusalem and blew it up as it left the station at Beit Safafa. Sixteen were still in hospital last night, six in critical condition.      June/18/2002  Haeertz daily


143-A suicide bombing at a bus stop in northeast Jerusalem killed six people Wednesday evening and wounded another 37, Israeli authorities    June/19/2002  CNN

144-RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- A British national has died in Saudi Arabia when a bomb exploded in the car he had borrowed from a friend, British and Saudi officials said  June/20/2002- . CNN.

145-The Israeli army has released a picture it says was found during its incursion in the West Bank town of Hebron showing an infant dressed as a Hamas militant wearing a suicide bomber's harness.. June/29/2000 BBC

146-I prayed from the depths of my heart that Allah would cause the success of his operation. I asked Allah to give me 10 (Israelis) for Muhammad, and Allah granted my request, and Muhammad made his dream come true, killing 10 Israeli settlers and soldiers," she boasts in the interview, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which is one of the few sources in the world of accurate information on the vitriolic Arabic-language press Town Hall-- June /29/2002

147-Analysis / Palestinian schoolbooks fan the flames of hatred  Haartezdaily  Jue/29/2002

148-Reports from Algeria say that 13 people have been killed in an attack on a bus in a suburb of the capital, Algiers  BBC UK June/29/2002.

149-RED HOUSE, Va. — Militant American Muslims operating out of rural communes in California and other Western states have targeted this rural Virginia community for an influx of members who have ties to Middle Eastern terrorists-The community drew the attention of local law-enforcement agencies last summer after a man studying at the university, Ramadan Abdullah, was arrested and charged in the slaying of a Fresno County sheriff's deputy  June/30/2002 Washtimes

150-Human rights and the concept of jihad are two incompatible ideas. In Judeo-Christian societies, the concept of human rights is based on the biblical interdiction against killing-The theory of jihad against the infidels is composed of two parts: the ideology, and the military institutions aimed at implementing this ideology. According to these rules the infidels without a treaty have no rights at all: they can be deported, reduced to slavery, abducted for ransom, or killed. Women and children can be taken into slavery. Infidels can be spared by a temporary treaty which should not go beyond ten years. The treaty must conform to Islamic rule and serve Islamic interests, hence a ransom should be paid. The infidels who submit to Islamic rulers are given a pledge of security against the rules of jihad, so long as they accept a condition of humiliation, and of total inferiority to Muslims.  Bat Yeor- Author of The Book Decline Of Eastern Christianity under Islam

151-Since 77% of Arab Americans are Christians then Islamic organizations in the USA have no right to speak on their behalf

152-CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian police on Sunday arrested a Coptic man for allegedly turning his house into a church, police said.

154-American officials have identified a man who opened fire at Los Angeles airport on Thursday as a 41-year old Egyptian who had been living in the US for about 10 years.   BBC Uk July/5/2002

155- DO MUSLIMS DRINK ALCOHOL --ALCOHOL-related traffic accidents are taking its toll on Dubai motorists with a total of 222 such mishaps occurring in 2001, a police study has indicated. The study conducted by Lieutenant Hisham Al Eisa of Dubai Police showed that such accidents had resulted in 369 injuries last year, representing 10.31 per cent of the total accident-related injuries during the same period  Khaleej times July/5/2002

156-Islamic extremists in Algeria are being blamed for a powerful bomb explosion in a market town in which 30 people are reported to have been killed. BBC UK July/6/2002

157-Why do the Arabs lag behind?         Economist

158----5,000 in U.S. May Have al-Qaida Ties  AP July/10/2002


159-Seven people were killed and 20 wounded yesterday when a Palestinian terrorist cell, apparently dressed in IDF uniforms, ambushed a bus from Bnei Brak a few hundred meters from the entrance to the Haredi settlement of Immanuel, in the West Bank. The assailants managed to escape. July 16/2002

160-TEL AVIV, Israel (CNN) -- Two suicide bombers detonated explosions Wednesday night at the entrance to a movie theater in southern Tel Aviv, killing at least three and wounding more than 40, Israeli police and hospital sources said. CNN July/17/2002

161-SAUDI FRIENDS-As William McGurn reports in The Wall Street Journal, Monica Stowers, an American, married a young Saudi man she had met at the University of Dallas in the early 1980s. They had two children. When both children were still infants, the couple moved to Saudi Arabia. There, as McGurn writes, Stowers was in for a "nasty shock." Her husband was already married and had other children by his first wife    Townhall

162-A Saudi prince is being sought by US drug enforcement agents on charges of smuggling cocaine from Venezuela to France, US authorities have revealed. BBC UK Ju.y/19/2002


163-WASHINGTON - U.S. officials have arrested a Jordanian-born man alleged to have $12 million in fake cashier's checks and said they suspected he trained in al Qaida camps in Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported on Saturday. Haeertz Daily July/20/2002


164-Sudan's militant Muslim regime is slaughtering Christians who refuse to convert to Islam, according to the head of an aid group who recently returned from the African nation World net daily July/21/2002


165-Holy Jihad!- The fact that Arab preachers, throughout the Arab world, are circulating such hatred so openly, is a sign not only of the antipathy they bear for both Christians and Jews, but also of the utter lack of concern they have over their messages being heard abroad National review



166-Ahmed and Mouhammed Hideouts    Humor


167-Allah –Islam-Osama…..Humor


168-Allah had no son      Islamic –Cartoons

169-A controversial plan to set up what are being denounced as licensed brothels in Iran has been rejected by official bodies. The growing problem of prostitution in the country has been the subject of mounting concern, but this attempt to find an Islamic solution was not well received in some quarters.  BBC UK   28/7/2002

170-At least 7 dead in Hebrew University blast  CNN 31/7/2002


171-JIHAD ON LINE--- Are you an Islamicist with a computer and some spare time? Do you want to contribute to the jihad against the Crusaders but can't quite make the commitment to fly into buildings or strap on a bomb? Do you "solemnly swear to use your talents only to destroy the Jews with God as your witness?" Then you are just the kind of person being sought to join the "Arab Electronic Jihad Team" (AEJT) National Review

172-Sudan battle follows peace accord---More than 1,000 people have been killed in attacks by government forces in western Upper Nile province, says a Sudanese rebel spokesman BBC 31/7/2002.


173-An airline pilot challenges Arab Muslims in America----  I want to know, I demand to know, and I have a right to know whether or not you love America. Do you pledge allegiance to its flag? Do you proudly display it in front of your house or on your car? Do you pray in your many daily prayers that Allah will bless this nation, that He will protect and prosper it Worldnetdaily


174-JERUSALEM (CNN) -- At least seven people were killed in an bomb that ripped through a bus in Israel Sunday morning, according to sources    Aug/4//2002


175-EAT to please yourself, but dress to please others, advises an Egyptian proverb. In many Arab countries today, if your outward style fails to please others, you may go straight to jail.



176-CULTURE OF HATE --A racism which denies the history and sufferings of its victims ---At the dawn of the new millennium, the world is being confronted with an absolute culture of hate, characterized by paroxysms of international terrorism against civilians, and religious intolerance. This culture of hate has multiple heads from Algeria to Afghanistan, to Indonesia, via Gaza and the West Bank, Damascus, Cairo, Khartoum, Teheran, and Karachi. It scatters the seeds of terrorism from one end of the earth to the other.  National Review

177-Hamas to Jews: Get out or Die  Townhall

178-The Shame of EgyptPresident Hosni Mubarak of Egypt describes himself as America's leading Arab ally. Yet his anti-democratic behavior is an embarrassment to Washington and an affront to his own people. The latest example is Monday's re-sentencing of Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a sociologist and human rights activist, to seven years in prison for his efforts to register voters, monitor elections and report attacks on Egypt's Coptic Christians  NY Times

179-Freedom, a blessing after flight from Egypt--Maged El Shafie's dingy basement apartment in east Toronto is a long way from the privileged Cairo family of lawyers from which he came. And it's a
world apart from the torture he endured in an Egyptian jail. He's grateful for the modest bed, chairs, dresser, table and lamp donated by the Canadian government after he was accepted as a landed refugee this winter. He also values the freedom here. "It's the first time in my life I
can open my mouth and nobody can put me in jail," he says.El Shafie
converted to Christianity in Egypt, where he says the government oppresses
his adopted religion jailing and torturing adherents
  Copts net

180-ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- At least six people were killed when gunmen attacked a Christian school near the town of Murree, east of Islamabad, local officials said. BBC UK Aug/5/2002

181---In Israel 11 dead, over 80 wounded in spate of attacks    Haeertzdaily  Aug/5/2002

182-At least 13 people have been killed in attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir.Nine people died and 37 were injured after a camp of Hindu pilgrims at Nunwan, near the resort town of Pahalgam, was attacked by suspected Islamic militants. One of the militants was also killed      BBC UK  Aug/6/2002

183-Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies-A briefing given last month to a top Pentagon advisory board described Saudi Arabia as an enemy of the United States, and recommended that U.S. officials give it an ultimatum to stop backing terrorism or face seizure of its oil fields and its financial assets invested in the United States washinpost Aug/6/2002.

184-Lebanon-Islamists threaten ‘bloodbath’ if more fugitives handed over----The Jamaat al-Nour Islamic fundamentalist group on Wednesday threatened a “bloodbath” if more Lebanese Islamists hiding at the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp are turned over to Lebanese authorities.  DailyStar  Aug/7/2002

185-ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Four people, including three nurses, have been killed in a grenade attack on a Christian missionary hospital near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad   CNN.    Aug/9/2002

186-Topple The House of Saud--The Bush administration once again heard the cold, hard facts about Saudi Arabia's growing threat. And once again, they covered their ears"Saudi Arabia supports our enemies and attacks our allies," Rand Corporation analyst Laurent Murawiec told the Defense Policy Board last July 10. "The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot-soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader," he continued in remarks to this advisory panel of former elected officials and security experts. He blamed Riyadh for "a daily outpouring of virulent hatred against the U.S. from Saudi media, 'educational' institutions, clerics, officials — Saudis tell us one thing in private, do the contrary in reality." National Review Aug/10/2002

187-Cleric urges Muslims in UK to become martyrs --Abu Qatada, the missing hardline Islamic cleric suspected by intelligence officials of being a key al-Qaeda operative in the UK, has broken his silence to call on British Muslims to martyr themselves in a holy war against oppression.   Observer Uk

188 -Christian leaders refuse to bow to terror ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Christian leaders, stunned by two deadly attacks by Muslim militants in less than a week, yesterday vowed that they will not let fear deter them from worship Washtimes Aug/11/2002

189-Gunmen ambushed and killed 22 members of a rival family on Saturday in the Upper Egyptian province of Sohag, according to police officials. BBC UK Aug/11/2002

199- America's F-35 Flexible Flier-The Joint Strike Fighter puts the best of every 20th century warplane into one nimble and stealthy package. ( The New Generation Fighter) Popular Mechanics Aug/11/2002

200- E-bomb" Weapons designed to attack electronic systems and not people could see their first combat use in any military attack on Iraq  New Scientist


201-Islam, Taboo, and Dialogue----In the current political climate, it is tempting to maintain the taboos on those historical subjects that could be easily exploited by xenophobes. One such taboo is dhimmitude, which resulted when Christians and Jews (dhimmis), in addition to other non-Muslim, indigenous peoples, were conquered by jihad wars, and henceforth "tolerated" and "protected" as subjects of Islam. This "tolerance" and "protection," however, was afforded only upon submission to Islamic domination by a dhimma, or pact, which imposed discriminatory and humiliating regulations. The main principles of dhimmitude are: (1) the inequality of rights in all domains between Muslims and dhimmis; (2) the social and economic discrimination against the dhimmis; (3) the degradation and vulnerability of the dhimmis   National Review.


202-Radical Islamic leaders in London issued a thinly-veiled threat yesterday that the United States and Britain could face a terrorist onslaught akin to the September 11 attacks if they go to war on Iraq News-Telegraph UK.


203-RELATIONS between the United States and Saudi Arabia have deteriorated so far that the Saudi Arabians are no longer considered allies, senior diplomatic sources said yesterday Times UK 16/8/02


204-Saudi King Fahd moved on to the next phase of his summer vacation Wednesday, taking his 12-aircraft entourage from Switzerland to Spain, where he has a mansion on the Mediterranean coast that is a replica of the White House. 16/8/02 Associated Press


205-In Algeria, there has been another bloody attack by armed Islamic militants.According to a communique issued by the security services through the Algerian Press Agency, 26 people were killed in one of the bloodiest massacres since the beginning of the year Aug/18/2002. BBC UK

206-Our Unfriendly ‘Ally:’ Saudi Arabia’s Doctrine of Death Americans have gotten used to thinking of Saudi Arabia as our friend and ally in the war on terrorism. But there is a growing body of evidence that it is neither friend nor ally. And the relationship is unraveling Aug/20/2002 CBN


207-Muslim rebels behead two hostagesBBC UK  Aug/23/2002


208-radical Muslim group which has supported Osama Bin Laden held a small rally in central London on Sunday, despite attempts to stop it.  BBC  UK Aug/25/2002


209-TULKAREM, West Bank (AP) - The son of the first known Palestinian woman to be killed as an Israeli collaborator said Sunday that Palestinian gunmen tortured him until he invented a story about his mother's involvement in a militant's death  AP Aug/25/2002.

210-MUSLIM leader Sheikh Abu Hamza has told young British supporters that murder, bank robbery and looting are legitimate weapons against the enemies of Islam  Mirror UK Aug/26/2002.

211-Prize-winning French novelist Michel Houellebecq is being sued by four Islamic organisations in Paris after making "insulting" remarks about the religion in an interview about his latest book. BBC UK Aug/26/2002

 212-Muslims are only 4 percent of Denmark's 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country's convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim. Similar, if lesser, disproportions are found in other crimes NYPOST.

213-PERFIDIOUS PRINCES-President Bush yesterday hosted a top Saudi official at his Texas ranch, ostensibly to reassure him that U.S.-Saudi relations remain untroubled by Riyadh's relationship to terrorism    NYPOST    

214-DETROIT, Michigan (CNN) -- Four men were awaiting arraignment Thursday after being charged with being part of a "sleeper" terrorist cell planning attacks in the United States, Jordan and Turkey and supporting a "global jihad." CNN 29/8/2002

215-TEMBAGAPURA, Indonesia (CNN) -- Three people, including two American teachers, were killed Saturday when armed men attacked a busload of mine employees in Indonesia, police said CNN 31/8/2002

216-VASTERAS, Sweden -- A man being investigated for possible terrorist connections after being arrested for allegedly trying to hijack a plane bound from Sweden to London had taken flying lessons in the U.S... CNN 31/8/2002

217-Nigerian Couple Sentenced to Stoning -LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) - An Islamic court has sentenced a couple to death by stoning for having an affair, marking the first time in Nigeria that a man has been sentenced to death for adultery, media reported Thursday  

218-Palestinian militants shot a teenage girl in the head, killing her for "collaborating" with Israel, Palestinian sources said on Friday. Israel Radio reported that they subsequently released her brother, who was also abducted a few days ago from the West Bank city of Tul Karm on suspicion of aiding Israel  Haaertz daily 31/8/2002

219-Iraq-An Old  Chaldean Nun Massacred By Muslims Chaldean News Agency Sep/1/2002

220-Hate Trial Begins In 2000 Firebombing Of Synagogue-Nearly two years after a Bronx synagogue was attacked with Molotov cocktails, two Palestinian-Americans face hate crime charges as their trial gets underway this week  Time Warner Cabel NYnews Sep/1/2002

221-Islam through a glass darkly-ST. LOUIS (BP)--Christians understand what it is to have the author of their faith maligned. The name "Jesus Christ" is routinely uttered as a curse word. In recent times he has been vilified and slandered in every disgusting manner imaginable.  Southern Babtist

222-September 3, 2002 -- The Saudi regime has always used its oil billions to purchase favor in Washington, putting retired politicians on its payroll as lobbyists and furthering the ever-more-absurd notion that Saudi Arabia is a major U.S. ally NY Post Sep/4/2002

223-TEL AVIV — Syria has allowed hundreds of al Qaeda operatives, including senior commanders, to take refuge in Lebanon, according to a report by a veteran military correspondent of Israel's leading daily, Ha'aretz   Washtimes Sep/4/2002

224-Saudis and sin rain in Spain-MARBELLA, Spain — It is the hottest hour of the day at the Puente Romano beach club when a girl of 13 dashes out of the hotel gardens, throws a black cloak over her flowing hair, T-shirt and jeans and leaves behind the topless sunbathers Washtimes Sep/4/2002

225-Supporters of dead terrorist Abu Nidal clashed with Lebanese troops in a Palestinian refugee camp today, leaving at least nine people wounded-The clash broke out when troops entered the Jalil refugee camp, outside Baalbek, east Lebanon, in search of a wanted man. Irish News

226-The Janus* face of Islam -Lying in Islam is Permitted  Rational Thinking


227-Chritians Arabs Who immigrated from Persecution of Islam, faces backlash after 9/11

228-JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- A homemade bomb has exploded in a sports stadium in the violence-ravaged town of Ambon in eastern Indonesia, killing three girls and injuring eight other people, police and witnesses said. CNN Sep/9/2002

229-SADDAM Hussein has the capability to make an atomic bomb within three years, and has stockpiled enough chemical and biological weapons to wipe out the world’s population, according to the file on Iraq due to be released by Downing Street –   Scotsman Co.     Sep/9/2002

230-Mobs took to the streets in a predominantly-Muslim quarter of the regional capital, Ambon, and torched a van carrying Christians - one person was burnt to death, police said BBC UK Sep/10/2002

231-Secularist Muslim intellectual Ibn Warraq - not his real name - was born on the Indian subcontinent and educated in the West. He believes that the great Islamic civilisations of the past were established in spite of the Koran, not because of it, and that only a secularised Islam can deliver Muslim states from fundamentalist madness. Little wonder that he chooses to keep his identity secret. We talk to Ibn Warraq this week.     ABC  Sep/10/2002

232-The Arab world risks trapping its growing and youthful population in poverty if it does not start modernising fast, a report suggests    BBC UK Sep/10/2002

233-A Nigerian woman who was saved from being stoned to death under Islamic Sharia law has been made an honorary citizen of the Italian capital, Rome.   BBC UK Sep/10/2002

224-Four convicted murderers due to hang in Pakistan tomorrow have tried to escape the gallows by giving their teenage and child daughters in marriage to elderly relatives of their victims   Guardian UK

225-Pakistan-'I think now it will be a complete genocide of the non-Muslims'  Guardian UK

226- Fleeing persecution from the Islamic regime in Sudan, Christian refugees flood Syria. There, they languish without protection either from the United Nations or the United States and live in constant fear of being sent back  WorldMag Sep/14/2002

227-Tehran on Sept. 8, a man beheaded his 7-year-old daughter because he suspected she had been raped by her uncle. An autopsy revealed the little girl was still a virgin.   NYPost Sep/14/2002

228- In Saudi Arabia Car theft is booming Arab News Sep/15/2002

229-Niger 'slave' flees castration BBC UK Sep/16/2002


230-Deadly bus blast in Chechen capital  BBC UK  Sep/16/2002


231-As a new study from the Saudi Institute and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies states, "Saudi officials disseminate hate literature openly in the United States." The Riyadh-funded Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America published Abdulla Al-Tarekee's "A Muslim's Relations with Non-Muslims — Enmity or Friendship." NationalReview



232-LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) - Thousands of rioters burned and looted a Lagos factory complex after an accidental fire killed at least 15 workers, witnesses said Tuesday Sep/17/2002   AP


233-GANDHINAGAR, India, 25 September — Gunmen killed 30 people in an attack on an Indian Hindu temple  Sep/25/2002


234-Unidentified gunmen have shot dead seven people at a Christian charity in Karachi's central business district, Pakistani police say     BBC UK Sep/25/2002


235-Acid attack and Honour Killing  against women in Islamic countries   Gendercide Org  Sep/30/2002


237-College Students Help Liberate 11,000 Black Slaves in Sudan

238-Saudi Arabia-Muslims are lazy to read    Arab News

239-In prison, same-sex sex is the norm," said one researcher from the Gulf. "Saudi Arabia is just a large prison

240-MILITANT Islam keeps on killing, but politicians and journalists still avert their eyes.One terrible example comes from Pakistan, where a sequence of assaults on Christians, both local and foreign, has taken place over the past year  NY Post Oct/1/2002

241-Murder For Fun and Prophet
Ann Sep/7/2002

242- Several U.S. citizens were arrested today on charges that they plotted to join al Qaeda and fight alongside Taliban forces against the United States in the war in Afghanistan, federal officials said. Sep/8

243-NEW YORK — Can it be true? That Islamic schools in the United States teach hatred towards American Christians and Jews? Oct/10/2002

244-Effort to ban anti-Islam book fails in France Oct/10/2002

245-Philippine bomb blast kills at least eight and wounds 19  Oct/10/2002

246-Five killed and 144 hurt in Philippine mall blasts  BBC Oct/15/2002

247-Tanker Hit By Terrorists  BBC Oct/20/2002

248-Iranian women seek equal 'blood money' CNN Oct/20/2002

249-To us, the Islamic revolution has failed. The system, in its entirely, is the problem; no Band-Aid reform will fix it. Iran's 23-year-old theocracy is as incapable of granting freedom and human rights as was the Soviet Union. No politician associated with the Islamic Republic is acceptable to us. There are no reformers in the clerical government. Our real reformers are among the 600,000 languishing in prison, or the hundreds of candidates who are disqualified in each election for believing in human rights or secularism. Do not sell out our freedom because of Khatami's meaningless double talk and irrelevant rhetoric. He is simply a smiling face of an ugly regime National review Oct/25/2002

250-Oriana Fallacci Book Brief (The rage of  the Pride)

251-A car exploded Saturday in southwest Moscow near a crowded McDonald's restaurant, Moscow police said BBC Oct/25/2002.

252-MOSCOW- Chechens holding about 600 hostages in a Moscow theater released eight children Friday and then set a dawn Saturday deadline to begin killing the rest of their captives if Russia does not agree to pull its army out of Chechnya BBC Uk Oct/25/2002

253-MONTGOMERY, Alabama (CNN) -- Alabama police will seek the death penalty against suspected snipers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo in connection with the killing of a woman in Montgomery, Police Chief John Wilson said Friday. Oct/25/2002

252-Cops 'wasted time hunting white guy FBI behaviorists 'have never profiled potential terrorists' Octt/25/2002 Worlnetdaily

253-The Muslims who discovered America Worldnetdaily Oct/25/2002

254-Hezbollah leader targets Christians Lebanon's Nasrallah says U.S. aim 'to redraw world's political map'Oct/25/2002

255-A Muslim cleric suspected of links with Osama Bin Laden has been detained under UK anti-terror laws introduced after 11 September. Mr Qatada is a wanted man in Jordan, where he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in his absence for alleged involvement in a number of explosions in 1998  BBCUK

256-Vive la France" is not a phrase that springs off the tongue as of late. That said, the French do deserve a quick cheer -- or at least a brief moratorium on the Bronx cheer -- for having acquitted novelist Michel Houellebecq this week of charges that he called Islam a name Washpost Sep/30/2002

257-Girls' Schools Come Under Attack in Afghanistan ---Reuters Oct/30/2002

258-State of 'dhimmitude' seen as threat to Christians, Jews Washtimes Oct/30/2002

259-Islam's 'idealistic version of itself' not quite the reality--- Washtimes Oct/30/2002

260-An Ontario man convicted of promoting hatred against Muslims says his community-service sentence has included indoctrination into Islam.
Worldnetdaily Oct/31/2002

261-Media Muslim makeovers --------- Worldnetdaily

262-Pigs, Jews & War----------National Review Nov/4/2002

263-Beltway snipers John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were lovers -- and their gay secret fueled the terrifying rage that left 10 victims dead. ------National Enquirer Nov/4/2002

264-Under Islamic law, the compensation for a non-Muslim man is one-twelfth that paid for a Muslim. The rate for Muslim women is half that of men. ----BBC/Uk/Nov/4/2002

265-LAST SPRING, the faculty of Harvard College selected a graduating senior named Zayed Yasin to deliver a speech at the university's commencement exercises in June. When the title of the speech—"My American Jihad"—was announced, it quite naturally aroused questions. Why, it was asked, should Harvard wish to promote the concept of jihad—or "holy war"—just months after thousands of Americans had lost their lives to a jihad carried out by nineteen suicide hijackers acting in the name of Islam? Yasin, a past president of the Harvard Islamic Society, had a ready answer. To connect jihad to warfare, he said, was to misunderstand it. Rather, "in the Muslim tradition, jihad represents a struggle to do the right thing." His own purpose, Yasin added, was to "reclaim the word for its true meaning, which is inner struggle."Daniel

266-Saddam orders agents to assassinate Iraqi opposition leaders sheltering in Britain Telegraph Uk Nov/4/2002

267-Russian Theater Death Toll at 120 ---------Associated Press Nov/4/2002

268-Majority of muslims are peaceful - so what? --------Townhall Nov/5/2002

269-An Egyptian Intellectual : Al Azhar produces terrorism Nov/5/2002

270-Iran revalues price of non-Muslim lives---Under Islamic law, the compensation for a non-Muslim man is one-twelfth that paid for a Muslim. The rate for Muslim women is half that of men-----BBC UK/Nov/5/02

271-THOSE PERFIDIOUS PRINCES, CONT'D -Saudi Arabia now says it will not allow the United States to use the kingdom's facilities for a war against Iraq - not even if the United Nations authorizes the campaignSaudi Arabia now says it will not allow the United States to use the kingdom's facilities for a war against Iraq - not even if the United Nations authorizes the campaign NYPost Nov/5/2002

272-Two people were killed and 69 injured in a suicide bombing yesterday evening at Kfar Sava's Arim shopping mall. Islamic Jihad last night claimed responsibility. Haaertzdaily Nov/5/2002

273-Tunnel vision on Islam Wasghtimes Nov/5/2002

274-Scholar Sentenced to Death in Iran Associated Press Nov/6/2002

275-Indonesian police say a man they are questioning has admitted involvement in the bomb attack that killed nearly 200 people at a Bali nightclub last month BBC UK Nov/6/2002

276-Muslim rebels kill seven in attack on Philippine village Reuters Nov/6/2002

277-Al-Qaida Planned Pope Attack: Report ---Associated Press Nov/11/2002

278-Palestinian Gunman Kills 5 Israelis--- Associated Press Nov/11/2002

279-Anti-Islam' books spark fatwa ' WND Nov/11/2002

281-If you're tired of being attacked in school whenever you celebrate the achievements of America; if you're weary of being trampled on whenever you speak in favor of morality; if, as a Boy Scout, you've become a pariah while the perverts have become the victims, you've come to the right place," writes Savage----WND Nov/11/2002

282-Why the Muslims Misjudged Us ,They hate us because their culture is backward and corrupt. Wall street Nov/13/02

283-U.S. Restaurants in Lebanon Bombed ----Associated Press Nov/13/2002

284-Five Die in Jordan Terror Raids  BBC Nov/13/2002

285-Terrorism Has 'Everything To Do With Islam,' Author Charges CNS NEWS Nov/13/2002

286-Muslims press criminal case against Falwell,Preparing hate-crimes action for assertion Muhammad a 'terrorist'WND Nov/13/2002

287-Top Egyptian cleric justifies suicide attacks,Calls Falwell a terrorist, says bombers 'defending their land WND Nov/14/2002

288-About 100 agents swarmed across an International Drive business empire and burst into an Isleworth mansion Thursday, arresting a wealthy and prominent leader of the local Arab-American community and four others on charges of money-laundering and immigration violations Oralndo Sentinel Nov/16/2002

289-Twelve Israelis killed in Hebron shooting attack Haaertzdaily Nov/16/2002

299-Funny Islamic Comics

300-The leadership of the Egyptian Christian Coptic community has recently begun to express in public positions and complaints in a way uncommon in the past. The leader of Egypt's Coptic community, Patriarch Shinoda III, who in his articles, interviews, and public statements used to stress the "harmony and equality" between Christians and Muslims in the country, now protests the inequality and prejudice against Christians in the Arab world

301-JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A suspected Palestinian suicide bomber killed at least 10 other people when he blew himself up on a crowded commuter bus during the Thursday morning rush hour in Jerusalem, police and rescue workers said.  Nov/21/2002

302-Video-Evidence of Muslim clerics  teachings in UK calling for  the destruction of Christendon

303-American missionary shot to death in Lebanon-Bonnie Weatherall, 30, was shot in the head three times with a 7 mm pistol shortly after she opened a health clinic around 8 a.m. (midnight EST) where she was a volunteer nurse, police and church officials said.   CNN Nov/21/2002

304-Gunman wounds 2 U.S. soldiers in Kuwait   CNN Nov/21/2002

305-Soldiers Set Fire to East Congo Town Ap Nov/23/2002

306-BEIRUT (Reuters) - The British husband of a missionary who was shot dead in Lebanon by a suspected Islamist gunman says he has forgiven her killers and that she would have done, too Nov/23/02

307-Miss World protesters kill at least 50  CNN Nov/23/2002

308-THE mastermind of the Bali bomb blasts that killed almost 200 people last night confessed to the crime.Abdul Azis, alias Imam Samudra, also admitted being behind three years of bombings in Indonesia which have claimed another 19 lives and injured scores more people Daily Telegrap Nov/23/02.

309- The FBI is investigating whether the Saudi Arabian government—using the bank account of the wife of a senior Saudi diplomat—sent tens of thousands of dollars to two Saudi students in the United States who provided assistance to two of the September 11 hijackers, according to law-enforcement sources Newsweek Nov/24/2002

310-Crime and Holy Punishment In Divided Nigeria, Search for Justice Leads Many to Embrace Islamic Code        Washpost Nov/24/2002

312-.USA. officials are keeping an eye on Al-Jazeera’s programs, which sometimes include anti-U.S. rhetoric and conspiracy theories packaged as news. One example: on Nov. 13, a talk show featured former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who was labeled as an ex-GOP representative from Louisiana (Duke once served in the Louisiana House of Representatives   NewsweekNov/24/2002

313-SLAUGHTER IN THE NAME OF ALLAH-The violent medieval intolerance of fun damentalist Islam was again on dis play in Nigeria at week's end - and again threatening to plunge that country into deadly sectarian civil conflict. NYPOSt Nov/24/2002

314-A series of gunbattles around Hindu temples in Indian-administered Kashmir, has left 14 people dead.  BBC UK Nov/25/2002

315-Islamic Militants Kill 13 in Algeria AP Nov/25/2002

316-This past week, Muslims in Nigeria rioted. The reason for the beatings, and killings of Christians and the torching of Christian churches; the West's reporting of these riots; and the official Muslim reactions to the riots explain almost everything you need to know about the threat non-Muslim civilization faces at this time.--    Townhall Nov/26/2002

317-Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said yesterday the news media and political leaders have failed to educate Americans about violence in the Koran and in Islamic history and wishes President Bush had never said that "Islam is a religion of peace   Townhall Nov/26/2002

318-'Hate Crime' Statistics Lie  Max News Nov/26/2002

319- LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) - The deputy governor of a largely Islamic state in northern Nigeria called on Muslims to kill the Nigerian woman who wrote a newspaper article about the Miss World beauty pageant that sparked deadly religious riots       Nov/26/2002

320-MOMBASA, Kenya - Three suicide car bombers blew up a Kenyan hotel full of Israelis Thursday, killing eight people, and missiles narrowly missed an Israeli airliner taking off nearby, in attacks swiftly blamed on al Qaeda. Nov/28/2002

321-Muslims must defuse the whole Bomb    herald Tribune Nov/28/2002

322-Santa banned over fear of offending Muslims  Herald Sun Nov/28/2002

323-Two Dead as Gunmen Fire Open Fire in Israel Reuters Nov/28/2002

324-Editors of Egyptian Government Papers Hail the Recent Suicide Bombing in a Jerusalem Neighborhood Nov/30/2002

325-It is in Turkey's economic interest to be part of Europe. It is also in the interest of the Muslim world that an Islamic nation such as Turkey is within the European Union, as a Trojan horse. On the other hand, it is in the interest of Europe that Turkey is part of NATO only as a military colony and a military base for the Alliance, but it is not in its interest that Turkey be part of the European Union. Turkey is a tree, which roots are in Asia, and only its branch that touches Europe Nov/30/2002

326-Several thousand people have attended the funeral in Antwerp of a young Moroccan-born teacher, whose killing on Tuesday sparked two night of riots in the Belgian city. BBC UK Nov/30/2002

327-Conservatives Dispute Bush Portrayal of Islam as Peaceful  Washtimes Nov/30/2002

328-Pope Speaks of'Clash of Civilizations'  Washtimes Nov/30/2002

329-The survey, which polled 38,000 people and was released on Wednesday, showed many Muslims endorsed use of violence in defense of Islam, with significant percentages from West Africa to Southeast Asia saying suicide bombing was justifiable. Reuters Dec/3/2002

330-We Westerners are passionate dog lovers; our enemies are passionate dog haters. We are the nation of Benji, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Lady and the Tramp and Snoopy. Those who despise and wish to destroy us are the nations of: Oh, boy, there's a cute little doggy. Let's kill it.    Townhall Dec/3/2002

331-LONDON — The leader of the Lebanese Muslim group Hezbollah is urging a global suicide bombing campaign, increasing the prospect that the regional conflict between Arabs and Israelis will expand to mimic or even merge with al Qaeda's war against the West.  Washtimes Dec/4/2002

332-Misguided by manipulated interpretations of Quraa'n (the holy book), Arabs believe that it is permitted to marry a poor Muslim girl from backward Muslim societies just to satisfy their lust and divorce her as soon as she loses her sex    Pakistan today Dec/5/2002

333-JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- Two people were killed on Thursday in a blast at a McDonald's restaurant in the eastern Indonesian town of Makassar, police said  Dec/5/2002

334-SAUDI FLACKS ON THE RUN December 6, 2002 -- ON the same day that Saudi spokesman Adel al-Jubier was holding a high-profile press conference to portray Saudi Arabia as America's loyal and cooperative ally, the House of Saud's American spin doctors were dodging U.S. Marshals  NYpost Dec/6/2002

335-According to the American Correctional Association in 2001, the number of Islamic inmates in the federal prison system tripled over the previous nine years, and in some states, such as Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, make up approximately 20 percent of the incarcerated population. This includes the 30 percent of all African-Americans who have embraced Islam in prison. Prison experts and experienced correctional facility administrators recognize that prisons offer radical fundamentalists such as al-Qaida a pool of potential recruits who can be prime targets for a religion advocating the overcoming of oppression with violence. Worldnetdaily Dec/6/2002

336-Massacre in Luxor BBCUK Dec/6/2002


337-The possibility of a Saudi link to 9-11 is growing Newsweeek Dec/10/2002


338-December 9, 2002 -- Last week's federal raid of a Massachusetts software firm raises many questions about U.S. security - not least about our "allies" in Saudi ArabiaThe firm, Ptech Inc., is said to have held millions of dollars in contracts with clients including the White House, the FBI, the U.S. Air Force, and the Internal Revenue Service. Yet investigators believe top investor Yasin al-Qadi was a major financial backer of al Qaeda NyPost Dec/11/2002


339-Report: 12 Killed in Algeria Clash Associated Press Dec/11/2002


340-ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan's main human rights body said Wednesday that at least 461 women have been killed by family members in so-called "honor killings" this year, an increase from the year before    BBC UK  Dec/13/2002


341-PBS Islamic Propoganda.   Dec/13/2002



342-SYDNEY, Australia - A municipal council in Australia's largest city has turned down an application to build a mosque after residents in the area said they feared it could be a hotbed for terrorists. Dec/17/2002



343-PARIS - Four suspected Islamic militants who had an unidentified liquid and an anti-contamination suit were probably planning an attack, France's interior minister said Tuesday.



344-SAN'A, Yemen (CNN) -- A suspected Islamic extremist shot dead three U.S. humanitarian workers and wounded a fourth at a missionary hospital in southern Yemen, according to a hospital spokeswoman Dec/30/2002

345-Two assailants in burkas — the all-encompassing garment worn by women in some Islamic countries — burst into the white cement church on Christmas Day and tossed grenades at about 40 worshippers. Blood still stains the floors and walls.    Dec/30/2002

346-Roots and trends of Saudi terrorism financing   National Review Dec/30/2002

347-the extensive ties between al Qaeda and the Saudi Arabia — something that should raise a whole host of questions concerning the future of U.S. relations with the House of Saud. In addition to naming names of individuals and charities supporting the al Qaeda network, the document contains a useful primer on the nature of al Qaeda from both a financial and operational standpoint. (The report was prepared by Jean-Charles Brisard, who authored the first extensive intelligence report on Osama bin Laden's financial network. He is now the lead investigator for the 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism, the collection of victims' families suing, among others, the Saudi royal family for $1 trillion

National review Dec/30/2002



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