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Giovanni Michelucciclick on the right arrow to continue

and the Chiesa dell'Autostrada in Context

I would like to extend my thanks to all of the following:

Firstly, Maria Fiaschi, curator at the Chiesa dell'Autostrada, for her time and patience. For entrusting me with the keys and granting me complete access to the church and baptistery. Ilaria Sana, for her assistance with translations of two of the Italian texts1 (in particular "La FelicitÓ dell’Architetto") as well as Abigail Brown for translations from French to English.2 Paolo and Tito DeBiasio, for Tito's personal recollections of Michelucci (whilst working with him on the church at Longarone project).

The Fondazione Michelucci in Fiesole (in particular to Corrado Marcetti, an architect who collaborated with Michelucci in his later years, for giving up his time to talk to me), as well as the Centro di Documentazione Giovanni Michelucci in Pistoia. And finally Professor Robert Tavernor for his help and guidance over the course of my research.