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Desi LoVe
Wednesday, 13 August 2003
Y Father Ji
Every night I ask god why did U bring him in my life when u took him away from me?
U knew mah life was fucked, U know I made so many mistakes in mah life, but why U tell him to leave me? U know I didnt do nothing wrong. U know i never trusted sumone soo much or gave anybody my love, but why did u let me give all that to him when u knew he was gonna leave me? God U are a father to everybody but why do U treat me diffrently. Do u not want me to be happy, do u not want me to live, then why do u let me live, just take my life away, might as well do it, cuz u snatched my love, the only person I love more than anything or anyone in life. Father thanks for the shelter and food u give me but i will trade it all for him cuz U took the only dream I had, but everybody says u do that for a reason but U dont have a reason for this one, because i didnt do nothing wrong, but u telling me to wait for him, I will cause i cant move on anyways and i wont because I only love one guy and one guy only and thats Jagjeet Kandola. God I made a promise to him that I would never cheat or leave him, I kept my word, cuz my love for him is tru, U know that, but now i make a promise that i will never break. My promise is I will not love another, I will not spend my life with another guy if its not him, cuz U know he's my life. Thats my promise and I put that on my life. God, Father, tell my love that he is my life cuz he doesnt believe me, but i know he will believe U father.
thanks father ji Love always one of ur kidz

Posted by jugi_de_kuri0 at 7:11 PM PDT
Mah Love fo U ( to mah jaan Jagjeet Kandola)
I loved U from the day i met U. U changed my life, thanks for the gift jannu, but what U did to me thas wrong too. Cause we both know how much I love U, kept my word tru always...., always loved U, never played on u, never lied to U. The memories we had together, trying to keep them alive too, but the truth is that I cant keep trying by mahself. It took two to love and one to break our love. Dont blame dat on me. Your the one who let me go and didnt trust me and couldnt see how much i loved U and neva was playing on u. Why are u keep putting hate in this. Bring the memories of Love not the argueements, cuz every relationship has ups and downs. You cant just throw my love away like that jannu. I wont let U. My love for u is too strong to let U......Yes Ur a man, strength stronger than a women, but a womens love is more stronger than a mans strength, cuz i wont let U goo. Not today, not the next day, not ever. Cause my love for U is getting stronger everyday. Why U trying to throw my love away? You know my love for U is like a star, its to far for U to catch and throw it in the trash. You might thrown my dream, cuz u were mah dream, u r still my dream, but that was easy for u to throw, but u cant throw away my love for U. Thats not what U or god have power over. So U keep Living and stay happy too, and I'll keep wishing....., praying....., hoping that you'll take me back to your arms soon. Cause baby I miss U. Cause U were mah smile mah laugh. Cause baby I love U. Cause baby I wont move on. Cause my love for u is too Strong, soo I have to stay Tru like i always did and I have to stay strong, Until the day when i know that Ur not coming back, n thats when Ur 21 with a wedding ring with another kuri. N thats da day im Not longer here, Iv been crying, But those tears are gonna turn into blood that day, But till then im gonna stay strong. N keep Praying till the Day U come back in my arms N look eyes to eyes and tell me U Love Me.

Posted by jugi_de_kuri0 at 7:10 PM PDT
I gave Everything for U (to mah luv Jagjeet Kandola)

I gave u mah heart and love. Been there when u missed me. Took every risk to see U never lied to u, always told u the truth. How can U leave me and tell me to move on? I would die for u, every tear that drop from mah eyes is for u. I dont know how Im living this life without U, but I feel like a dead body walking through the lies u told me. I only lived for u. Dropped everything to be with u, cuz I Love U. Told mah brothers that i got more love for u then mah own blood. I recpect U cuz u changed mah attitude. I thank U for that, but thats fucked how u left me like that. Let me tell U if i didnt love u, would i change da way i lived? Would i be crying on my bed for no reason? Would I die for U. Baby I would die for. Trust me, I love u and never meant to hurt U. Do U think I wanted to hurt u? NO!!! Why would I want to hurt the person I love the most? The only thing that keeps me alive is your memories, the memories we had together, the promises you made, the love u gave. I thank god for bringing U in mah life, but i hate him for taking U away from me, but he didnt ur love is always with me. The J I burned on mah arm is a scar, but the love and your name is in my heart. Thats the scar in my heart. I wish I can look in your eyes and tell U how much U mean to me. If I can die for u, i can wait for u. Cause I Love U, and Only U. Sorry baby, but Ur the scar in my heart and always will be, im sowwie u can always try to make me hate u but i alway will love u and i can never forget u, and if i do forget u thats when im dead.

Posted by jugi_de_kuri0 at 7:02 PM PDT

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