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   As far as I'm concerned, I suck at basketball.  I should stop playing.  Its really pathetic.  There isn't much else about me so bye.

   Well, I measured myself at our recreation center.  Apparently without shoes, i'm 5'3".  What a disappointment.  I'm back to my normal black hair now, well sorta of, I really can't tell what color it is.  Have this nasty bruise on my left elbow now cause I went and played basketball with friends.

   Permit says I'm 5'5" now, wohoo.  I had purple hair for a sec.

    I figured I should write a little about me so here it is.  I'm Korean, 5'4" accoarding to the permit, I'm 15 (turning 16 in May) ,  black hair....You know, I was thinking, why don't I just put a picture up.  I'll do that later.

This would be me and Becky.  She's so nice. (love her tons)
Anna and me and Medieval Times.  Coolest place on earth