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I think you can click on some of them for a larger pic.

Korean graffiti

A few of my friends on the orchestra trip.

 Me with Koreans

 When I had blonde hair.

 My Car!!!!

 Only 3.5 miles on it when we found it, the seats were still even wrapped :)


 Alex, Bryan, Jason, and ummmmm.....Jon on top.(left to right)

 My poor poor bear....

 Don't ask....

Some chick that I rode with cause she was by herself.   Sorry Alex for ditching you  :)

Yea, well, when we were at Astroworld, we tried to pick up as many girls as we could.  You can see
                                                                     Ben and Josh on the right.

 Kathyrn and me.

 Josh's sister and me.  Not bad........

 These girls that were listening to us sing wannabe by the spice girls.

What I would look like with a fro.  (By the way, that Jon's pos in the back)