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Descendants of William Allwright

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151. A dau TURNER (Still Living.)

A married Kenneth COX 20.

Their children were:
   217 M    i. 4 Sons COX (Still Living.)
+ 218 F    ii. Sue COX (Still Living.)
154. Adelaide Ethel DUNLOP 2 was born on 19 May 1892 in York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and died in 1993 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Adelaide married John Horatio (Harry) WHITEHEAD on 30 Sep 1916 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada. (John Horatio (Harry) WHITEHEAD was born in Nassau and died in 1950 in York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)

Their children were:
+ 219 M    i. Jack WHITEHEAD 2 was born on 6 Jul 1918 in York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, died on 30 Oct 1993 in London, Ontario, Canada and was buried in Parklane Cemetery, York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
+ 220 M    ii. Fred WHITEHEAD 2 was born in 1920 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada and died in 1985 in Ottawa, York, Ontario, Canada.
   221 F    iii. Ruth Yvonne WHITEHEAD (Still Living.)
155. Florence Irene DUNLOP 2 was born on 12 Jan 1894 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada, died on 18 Apr 1957 in Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada and was buried in Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada.

Information is personal knowledge of daughter Elizabeth A. Smallwood.

Florence married Norman Nelson WARDLAW Lt Col, son of James Clark WARDLAW and Matilda Ann KEE, on 12 Apr 1922 in St Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada. (Norman Nelson WARDLAW Lt Col was born on 12 Jan 1895 in Brampton, Peel, Ontario, Canada, died on 22 Feb 1980 in Port Charlotte, FL, USA and was buried in Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada.)


Their children were:

+ 222 F    i. Dorothy Irene WARDLAW (Still Living.)
+ 223 M    ii. John James WARDLAW (Still Living.)
+ 224 F    iii. Elizabeth Anne WARDLAW (Still Living.)
158. Beatrice SMITH 2.

Beatrice married John Munroe WILSON.


Their children were:

   225 M    i. Douglas Roy WILSON (Still Living.)
177. John Thomas ALLWRIGHT 1 was born in 1921 in Steyning, Sussex, England and died in 1975.

1. Alt. Birth 15. Registered 4th qtr

2. Certificate 1. Birth certificate held by Tom Allwright

3. Certificate 1. Death certificate held by Tom Allwright

John married Edith Evelyn TURRELL.

Their children were:
   226 F    i. Edith ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

Edith married John Grenville BARLOW.

   227 F    ii. Patricia ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

Patricia married Brian Frederick L.

+ 228 M    iii. Thomas L Warren ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
+ 229 M    iv. John ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

John next married Dorothy Joan PENFORD.

John next married Moira McSHERRY.

178. Arthur Geoffery COLLINGS (Still Living.)

Arthur married Belinda. (Belinda was born on 28 Feb 1900-1930.)

Their children were:
   230 M    i. John Jeremy COLLINGS (Still Living.)
   231 M    ii. Peter COLLINGS (Still Living.)

Arthur next married Belinda. (Belinda was born on 28 Feb 1900-1936.)

Their children were:

   232 M    i. John Jeremy COLLINGS (Still Living.)
   233 M    ii. Peter COLLINGS (Still Living.)
179. Louisa "Lulu" ALLWRIGHT 8 was born on 20 Mar 1909 in Rutland Gardens, Harringay, London, England and died on 10 Nov 1996 in Margate Hospital, Margate, Kent, England.

Louisa married Francis Robert YOUNGER, son of William YOUNGER and Amelia INGHAM, on 17 Jun 1936 in Hardes St Methodist Church, Ramsgate, Kent, England. (Francis Robert YOUNGER was born on 9 Mar 1878 in Islington, London, England and died on 16 Feb 1952 in Thanet, Kent, England.)

Their children were:
+ 234 M    i. Robert "Robin" Michael James YOUNGER (Still Living.)
+ 235 F    ii. Margaret Ann Rose YOUNGER (Still Living.)
180. James ALLWRIGHT 8,26 was born on 23 Mar 1912 in W Tottenham, London, England 26, died on 25 Jun 1987 in Pilgrim's Hospise, 52 London Road, Canterbury, Kent, England 8 and was buried on 27 Jun 1987 in Ramsgate Garden Of Remembrance, Ramsgate, Kent, England 8.

1. Occupation. Insurance Agent for Prudential Assurance Ltd

James married Violet DUNCAN 27, daughter of Robert Ferguson DUNCAN and Isabella Macbeth McLEAN.

Their children were:
   236 F    i. Kathryn Ruth ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
+ 237 M    ii. Ian Leslie ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
181. Charles ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

Charles married Doris Ida LOVEGROVE, daughter of Henry LOVEGROVE and Annie BERKLEY. (Doris Ida LOVEGROVE was born on 12 Sep 1916 in Osman Rd, S Tottenham, London, England and died on 25 Feb 1990 in Worthing, England 8.)

Their children were:
+ 238 M    i. Raymond Allan ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
182. Frank ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

Frank married Betty Eileen Elizabeth JONES.

Their children were:
+ 239 M    i. Stephen Charles ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
   240 M    ii. Barry James ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

Barry married Laura.

Barry next married Mary.

185. John Leonard ALLWRIGHT 8 was born on 18 Jul 1928 in Tottenham, London, England and died on 29 Jun 1974 in Broadstairs, Kent, England.

John married Margaret ROGERS, daughter of Arthur ROGERS and Olive May HEALD.

Their children were:
   241 M    i. David John ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

David married Roberta "Robyn" Katherine BUBB, daughter of Richard BUBB and Roberta.

186. Alice May "Molly" ALLWRIGHT 8 was born on 26 Feb 1912 in Frome, England and died in 1970-1979.

1. Alt. Birth 15. Registered 1st qtr

Alice married Stanley Thomas HOPKINS.

Their children were:

+ 242 F    i. Sally Maureen HOPKINS (Still Living.)
188. Edna May ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

Edna married Ernest "Ernie" George IONTTON 19.

Their children were:
+ 243 F    i. Christine Rose IONTTON (Still Living.)
+ 244 M    ii. Christopher Ernest IONTTON (Still Living.)
+ 245 F    iii. Kathryn Teresa IONTTON (Still Living.)
+ 246 F    iv. Jackie IONTTON (Still Living.)
+ 247 M    v. Andrew John IONTTON (Still Living.)
   248 F    vi. Rachel Anne IONTTON (Still Living.)
   249 F    vii. Louise IONTTON (Still Living.)
189. Rosa Amy ALLWRIGHT 2,8,19,21 was born on 2 Oct 1930 in Edmonton, London, England 15,19 and died on 29 Apr 1992 in Goldbeaters Old Peoples Home, Enfield, Middlesex, England 19.

1. Alt. Birth 15. Registered 4th qtr

Rosa married Thomas Henry OAKMAN 19, son of Thomas Henry OAKMAN and Beatrice Rosina SMITH, on 26 Aug 1950 in St Mary's, Cuffley, Herts, England 19. (Thomas Henry OAKMAN was born on 13 Dec 1919 19 and died on 21 Sep 1987 in Colchester General Hospital, Colchester, Essex, England 19.)


Their children were:

+ 250 F    i. Norma Beatrice OAKMAN (Still Living.)
   251 F    ii. Barbara Mary OAKMAN (Still Living.)

Barbara married David John WHITE 19, son of John Patrick WHITE and Nell EGAN.

+ 252 F    iii. Deborah Francis OAKMAN (Still Living.)
+ 253 F    iv. Kay Margaret OAKMAN (Still Living.)
+ 254 F    v. Janette Claire Blanche OAKMAN (Still Living.)
+ 255 M    vi. John Thomas (Henry) OAKMAN (Still Living.)
191. Charles William ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)

Charles married Brenda 19.

Their children were:
   256 M    i. John ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
   257 M    ii. Trevor ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
   258 M    iii. Peter ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
   259 M    iv. Colin ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)
   260 F    v. Suzanne ALLWRIGHT (Still Living.)