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Kacheek Kacheek!!!
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About Stacey

This page is all about little, old(wait young) me!

Name: Stacey
Gender: female
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 18 (January,28,1987)
Sign: aquarius
Status: So very taken.
Education: High school, 12th grade.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Favorite Color: brown&turquoise
Favorite Food: chinese food, pizza with dipping sauce, omg i love food, i eat a lot( mmm food
Favorite Book: I think it's called Silent Night, I don't remember who it's by but it has a dead owl on the front so if you see it, read it(it's boring at first but really creepy in the end) Also, I love Paul Jennings' books. I wish I had them all but I don't have any. They are short stories and they are creepy/hilarious!
Favorite Movies: Fools Rush In, Gone in 60seconds, Scorched, Fast & the Furious and much much more!
Favorite Game: I like a lot of games for Gameboy advanced. I really like RPG's. Bored games are fun to but only the good CLUE!!
I wish...I was and famous!