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Moody Furballs and the Developers who Love Them From the "Wired" archive comes a great article on Furbies but, be cautioned, there is a bit of foul language that is present when one developer discusses what he did to his Barney doll. LOL
Computer Intelligence with Fur Yet another "Wired" article, but in a more informative condensed form.
Watch the Furbies Fly Article from ABC News that discusses Furbies and their impact on the toy market. Especially since Christmas is on its way. Includes Real Player Video
"Who Cares What Kids Like, Hot Toys created by Intense Publicity Campaigns"  
Invasion of the Furbies Short Article from ABC News that comes with an audio snippet of how Furbies sound and, again, a Real Player video (same video as above article).
New Toy, an Interactive Fur Ball A short CNN report w/a cool video
Short Article on how Furby is a hot item  
Another short article on why the Furby is a hot item, including advertising's role.  
US News Articles on Furbies  
USA Today Article on Furby  
Funny You Don't Look Furbish  
Furby Lust Looms as Rage for Holiday (I'm sorry, I guess it might be me, but I don't get that title)  
Grand Toys Announcement/Furby Deal  
Channel4000 Article - Don't Want a Furby? You Will.  
The Guardian Article - Furby gurgles into easy lead in the big bucks Toytown stakes  
Time for Kids Article - Adventures with Furby - Will this new talking toy be the next big craze?  
Furby Frenzy Motley Fool Article
Furby™ Mania? What's the Fuss Ebay Article
Furby Can't Dance Hilarious "Feedmag" Article, complete w/comparison chart of the author's cat vs. Furby.



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