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Great Site! Includes the Story of the Furbies, Postcards w/sound, a Dictionary, Hints, and an amazing Furby that you can chat w/online (translation included, of course)!
Furby Autopsy Cool, but Sick Site, on how one owner performed an Autopsy after his Furby failed to meet up to their expectations!
Furby World Nice Site complete w/a Raffle for a Furby (@ $2/chance), Links, Info on "Easter Eggs" and Names/Colors of Furbies known, Cute Section on personal stories of Furbies, and more!
Furby Toys Another cool site with a Chance to Win a Furby, Links, Facts, a Newsletter and more…
Furby Love "The Ultimate Site for Furby Lovers" - You can Buy Furbies here (auction or direct sales)! Also available is a Free Official Furby Adoption Certificate generated at the site.
Furby and Friends An Unofficial Site for Fans of Furby - Great Site! Lots of Info, Tips and Tricks, Furby .wav files, Internet Greeting Card, and "Furby Around the World" page that houses a list of Furbies and their owners from around the world (You can sign up your Furby!)
The UnOfficial Furby Fan Club Page Great Site! Info on known "bugs", Free fan club, Stores that sell Furby, and pics. Still in construction and more topics should be working soon, including hints and tricks, translations, Furby Search and more…
Everything for Furby When I visited last, the site was not fully set up yet, but there were links available to other Furby Sites and info on stocks.
Furby Fan Page Home of the Furby Flock Webring - Nice looking Site w/pics, links, and Commercial for Furbies in Quicktime Format!
Furby Zone Furby Info, Hints, Tips, a great MessageBoard, Links, and News on Furbies
Furby Lovers Chat Exactly what it sounds like!
Furby Friends Furby Links, Hints and Tips
Furby Fun Furby Talk Messageboard, Links, Related News
Furby Funland  
Furbyland Not sure what this is. All I saw was a counter…nothing else. LOL
Furby Facts Houses a Furby Dictionary, Glossary and Phrases, and a great messageboard
The Fabulous Furby Fan Page Really Great Site! Links, Stories, Questions & Answers, a bunch of little interesting sections including Using Furby for Education.
Furby Hints and Tips Um….Furby Hints and Tips

Stomp Furby

Poor Furby! Site Dedicated to stomping the poor little things. List of Hate Mail included.
Smile A few furby pics that I haven't seen before
Furbyville Come join the Furby Network! Home of Tolu, who would like to meet other Furbies.
All About Furby General Info on Furby
B. Unlimited Furby Chronicles Home of "The Furby Chronicles - Diary of a Furby" Not too much entries yet, but then again, they just got the thing LOL
Hack Furby Another site that gives info on how to take apart our little buddy…sheesh!
Furby Web Curious about what a Furby is or does? Here's a good place to start if you want to learn.
Furby Picture Gallery Furby Pics and a Messageboard!
Furtropolis Cute site! Very different looking than most of the Furby sites around. Contains Links, Tips, Hints, pics, and info on Furby Language.
Furby at Mystic Fortress "A Work in Progress", Lots of original .wav files, Instruction Manual, Hints & Tips, and more…
The Furby
I <3 Furby Webpage "I Love Furby Webpage" - Daily Diary and Tips & Tricks. More to Come Later (including links, poems, forum, etc.)
Furby Cam Cute Little All White Furby being filmed all day.
Fantasy Furby Incubator Can't find a Furby or afford one? Try this Internet-Based Furby!


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