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Sorry, but you need a Java-enabled browser to play Trivia Blitz.

Furby and Friends Website .wav files, Greeting Cards
F3 - Home Furby Flock Ring Furby Commercial in QT Format
Furby - The Official Website Postcards w/Sound , Talking Furby , Storybook , Slide Puzzle
Watch the Furbies Fly - ABC Article Real Player Video
High Tech Furballs - Another ABC Article

Same Real Player Video as above , Furby .wav

New Toy - Interactive Fur Ball CNN Article

Real Player Video @ 28.8 , Real Player Video @ 56
Furby on Home Shopping Network, on auction, etc. Real Player Video
Various .wav files of this owner's furby .wav files
Fantasy Furby Incubator Can't find a Furby or afford one? Try this Internet-Based Furby!

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