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Tokyo Babylon
Well today was some what of a good day.
I am happy with how many visitors I have gotten so far, today was my boyfriend and my one month anniversery, and I was able to update this page for you all!
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Tokyo Babylon
Hi my name is Kat Winner and I am your host for this trip.
Tokyo Babylon is one of my fave animes of all time.
Brought to you from CLAMP who also brought Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, RG Veda, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Clover,   X, and much more still to come.

Subaru Sumeragi a 16 year old medium who deals with lots of supernatural events.Tokyo Babylon begins with a series of mysterious, fatal accidents occurring at the construction site of a high-tech Tokyo waterfront tower. A request to perform an exorcism on the building goes out to Subaru Sumeragi. He is one of the few shy, quiet and nice people out there in the world. Subaru is no ordinary medium though. He is the 13th head of the Sumeragi family, possesing more power than anybody in the Sumeragi clan. Even though he is "all power" he doesn't let his power go to his head and instead wants to be a veternarian(isn't that cute?^^).

He also has a twin sister named Hokuto. Her personality however is totally different from her brother's. She is much more aggressive in nature and doesn't take crap from anyone. She also loooooooves to tease Subaru about getting married with his "boyfriend".

Which brings me to Seishiro. Some people say that he is only Subaru's best friend, but I don't believe that crap. The time when they took that compatibility test is proof enough for me. Seishiro is a vet(at least that's his daytime job) however in reality he is the famous Sakurazukamori who kills people and feeds them to the Sakura trees. Unknown to Subaru, Seishiro met Subaru as a child and made a bet with him. They will meet again in seven years, if Subaru can make Seishiro fall for him then his life shall be spared however if he can't then he shall be put to death!

Tokyo Babylon is sweet and somewhat tragic story of a young Onmyouji (sort of a Japanese exorcist) named Subaru Sumeragi. The story fallows Subaru, his twin sister Hokuto, and their friend Seishirou Sakurazuka during their adventures calming the spirits of Tokyo...
Subaru and Seishirou also appear in another series by CLAMP called X, both in the manga and the movie, which takes place 5 years after TB ends. In X, Subaru plays one of the seven dragons of Heaven, though he has changed an awful lot in five years. His sister is also dead, killed by Seishirou, and from the warm, kind and sweet young man he was, he is now tough and cold in someways.

The Tokyo Babylon story focus more on the characters and their emotions than on actions, so it's considered a Shoujo (girl's) manga/anime. This also brings up some speculation on the true nature of Subaru and Seishirou's relationship, as most shoujo manga/anime with male protagonists end up putting him in sexual relationships with other men.

Tokyo Babylon was a pretty successful manga series with a total of 7 takoubans. The series was published by shinshokan comics , the same people that brought to you the RG Veda series.

Tokyo Babylon does not belong to me, but to Clamp.
I wish it did belong to me though! >^^<-meow.